Be Sure

Dec 16, 2016

Eomer and my current office view, for those that keep asking there’s a clue to what I’m writing in the picture.
I typed, Be Sure, today as I sat down to work on the book I’m writing. What I meant for it to do was remind me that I needed to pick an opening gambit and just start typing, but that’s not how my subconscious took it. Once I wrote those two little words, Be Sure, I didn’t write another damn word for an hour. It took me that long to figure out that it was those two words that had put a monkey wrench in the creative flow. Honestly it hadn’t been flowing that well to begin with, which is partly why the phrase stopped me dead in my tracks. Be sure, really? The beginning of a book for me is one of the least sure things in the world. I can know the characters intimately, the plot, the world, everything, but the beginning of a book is like the beginning of a romance, or a trip, you know what you think will happen, or what you want to happen, but what actually happens can be vastly different. That first date, like a first chapter can start out great, but fizzles and you think, nope I don’t want to do that again. The plot that seemed so brilliant in the planning stages is like that great vacation that you were positive the whole family would love and it turns into a nightmare of crossed schedules and hurt feelings. Staring at those two words, Be Sure, froze me. My muse and I stared at them and thought, but we aren’t sure. We aren’t sure of anything. The only thing I’m sure of is which world we’re writing in, and what characters we’ll be dealing with, but beyond that there are so many choices of where to start and how to get to the plot goals that its almost paralyzingly in its complexity. No, not its complexity, its possibilities. I’ve recently realized that too many choices is bad for me, that deciding is my strength and hesitation between choices is horrible for me both in writing and personally. So, I need to just pick a direction and start writing, even if it’s the wrong direction for me as a writer almost any decision is better than indecision. I think for a minute, or an hour, I forgot that. Be Sure, that’s for the end of a book, not the beginning. Right now its all about possibilities, nothing is off the table, or impossible, its all still there floating, waiting for me to choose that first leap into the empty whiteness and write.

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  1. One word after another like steps of a marathon. Slow out of the gate or sprinting. We know that once you start, you will reach The End. A date with your character of choice, tea for two and a conversation on paper. Maybe it will shake something loose.

    Many years now of watching you through your posts. You always get to The End. Sometimes you just fight really hard with your process, your people, and your muse, to get there. I hope for you that this book will make your muse very happy, will keep the bad things out of your own dreams, and will bring you comfort in your process.

    Sometimes the first step is literally just one food propelled in front of the other.

  2. I have tried to leave a comment 4 times now & it says the site isn’t working so let’s try #5 . Makes sense to me, please let this be a Merry book.

  3. I can understand just how that stops you. Makes your mind wander and stretch and then halt completely. I write short stories with some friends and when they ask “What should we do tonight” Most of the time my answer is “I have no idea” but it’s not that I have none, I have too many to pick from. Where to go, what to do. Once I have it though, the idea takes off and flourishes speedily.

    So I just want to say, I’m right there with you on that, some days. You’ll find it, I know! Happy writing and Happy Holidays!!

  4. Clue in picture, hummm, black cat = leopard shifters, ocean veiw= Merry Gentry. Either or would be grate though we have not seen Merry for a while♡☆

    1. If you get a close up of the note pad to the side it says “Do we want Taranis of cospiricy murder?” so I’m gonna say its a Merry book. I miss Sholto.

      1. I zoomed in on the notepad right away, but could only make out a couple of words. Thank you for clearing it up for me. 🙂

  5. Be sure. I like it for it’s endless possibilities. You know your characters and their world so intimately that no doubt you are sure of them. Which one would react the same way to those two words? What scenario would make the react that way?

  6. Once you get past that first pause it will just flow out of you since you know the characters and their world so well. I just hope it’s another Anita book especially one with Edward. I would love to hear how he met Donna.

  7. Lord and Lady, I just jumped out of my seat. I’m beyond excited!!!! It’s been too long 🙂

  8. Love the clues aspect. Black cat, ocean view – check.
    But when you blow the picture up, the script on the bottom of the laptop screen says “Angel book” and the pad of paper to the right of the computer has in writing the words ” Do we connect (convict) Taranis (?) of conspiracy to murder?”. I’m thinking Merry. Please oh please let me be right.

  9. Oh, please, please, please be a Merry book!!! I miss everyone in them. I miss the mystical world that you make so real in her books. I can never put a Merry book down once I have cracked it open.

  10. I’m thinking it’s Merry. But truthfully it doesn’t matter. I’m going to read anything you write! I’ve read all your books and as long as I’m breathing when the next one comes out, I’m on it!

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