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  1. I love to read and collect both series and I credit you for introducing me to the world of paranormal. I just wish there was more Merry.

  2. The Meredith Gentry series was so captivating. I have been searching years for this series unable to remember your name and the main charavters name. I finally found it today…my excitment is beyond that of a child on christmas morning. Best series I’ve ever read.

  3. I got to say i got sooo pissed by the death of Sholto, that i thought i would never forgive you. I understand that it was probably needed, but by God why him? Precisely in the moment i was starting to fall in love with him, i probably won’t forgive you though. I still can even…

    1. You know I have a habit of saving books until the next one comes out and considering this last book was SOOO… long in coming that I have yet to read the book, but my son just told me that Sholto died in the book and now I have to read it because I just can’t believe the character is forever gone really I’m totally upset about this direction and really hope we will not have to wait too long to see where this story line leads. 😡

        1. Yes when??!! When will we have another book about Merrideth ? Its been so bloody long!! Please start talking to her Merry!!

      1. I read the book and am so upset that she kill Sholto. The Goddes and faerie handfasted them. He went with her to save Brennan. So why did they let him die? Won’t read any more of her books.

    2. I feel exactly the same you do/did. He was finally getting some depth of connection with Merry, then *BANG* gone. So sad…

    3. Sholto’s death and the possibility of Frost being able to be killed has killed a small piece of my soul. I’m right there with Maricel. I shall not be forgiving you.

    4. I was shocked by this as well. I still can’t believe he is gone. I so love this series. I read it with my husband. We started reading the books when he returned from Afghanistan at the end of his deployment in 2006. While he was overseas we started our love of your books with the Anita Blake series. I look forward to the next book in this story. I waited so long for this book to be written. I understand that in your journey in writing this book Sholto had to die but we still wish he was here with her. I hope to be able to read the next segment in her story soon! 🙂

  4. This title pop up right in time. I came upon a special someone with a special voice. As I was listening to her , Your name conjure in my mind. You calm me down to earth. I’m looking forward into buying this book in paperback. I love the leather, you have great eyes, and taste, so perceptive you are.

  5. I wish these people had not posted anything about what happened in this book. I have been looking forward to the next book in this series and can’t wait to read it.

  6. Its never a surprise to me to read one of your books and fall head over heels in love!!! I am obsessed with Anita Blake and now with Princess Merry!!! Hopeully there’s more to come!!! Never stop writing, some of us need a fix of your books.

  7. I love your Meredith Gentry series and my only disappointment is that there’s not more books. I wish we get more books within 3 to 6 months vs years apart. Please please please write more Meredith Gentry books

  8. I can’t understand why You have killed Sholto… He is the most unique character, there was still so much more of him to write about and for Merry to fell in love with him… Please bring him back only you can…

  9. I am terribly depressed and sadd over Sholtos death. To say that I am disappointed is not strong enough. Why Sholto. Why him. I loved him, he was my favorite character. I hope the slaugh take care of his attacker.

  10. This totally sucks! I was looking for a description of the book and a book order reading list and I found out who was going to die before I even know who the character is! This webpage sucks!

  11. Is it true that you are DONE with this series? That’s all I keep reading…this is my favorite book series on earth and I sincerely hope its not over….any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

      1. I certainly hope not, there are still too many ties left loose. For example the case of mortality, when the duel previous seemed to prove her blood left the other yet immortal since Faerie returned.
        Then the matter of new mortality immediately following that? Either there’s a plan or someone needs to edit on overhaul.
        Then the matter of Sholto. Giving him so important a role at her side acting as the vesel for humans and then such a result? When every other fatalaty to her men short of her father had some miracle intervention? It’s unacceptable and not adequately supported for this to be the end all.
        Though I may be biased for Sholto. I can only hope that his interactions mean he has a revival awaiting.

  12. I am truly sorry that some people would criticize the direction you have chosen to go with storylines or characters. Fact is only you can lead us farther into the realm of your characters and all stories evolve based on events that occur. You have a girft for writing, for engaging people, and captivating them as you make your characters and stories truly come alive. Have not yet read this but anticipating the time when I can.

    1. I agree, although I was shocked at first when Sholto died I saw numerous ways the events of the book could turn out and I have to say I love and admire your writing and how you can make your characters and stories captivate though who read them. I sincerely hope you do continue the series because after being entranced by A Shiver of Light and finishing it that there are many ways in which I can see the story being able to progress towards. Like the fact that Sholto became mortal and dying and how not only did he become mortal frost is now seemly struck by mortality. So will this new mortality spread and what about the Goddess spreading her gifts to the mortals because the sidhe or fey aren’t appreciating her or thinks she abandons them , I think could lead somewhere. Maybe the goddess presenting herself to a mortal or having some sort liaison to rival Merry in many levels or be blessing disguise for her and the fey. Maybe even bringing more of lost relics back. There’s also the coronation, Taranis, the spreading of Faerie land and wild magic, there are many things I would love to see develop more and have a few surprises along the way. So I sincerely hope there be more books along the way.

  13. Ok, no se si me entenderán ya que todos los comentarios están en inglés pero, por favor, solo espero que este no sea el último libro de la serie y la verdad, realmente espero que Sholto vuelva, si no, por qué Doyle diría que la Diosa y el Dios no permitirían tanta felicidad para luego arruinarla tan pronto, la verdad espero algún giro, después de todo, es magia salvaje no? Por fis no nos decepciones, están bien las emociones fuertes, pero no las depreciones post libro.

  14. I love your merry gentry series I enjoy each book and have re read and listened to some of them more than once. I hope there is more of her story to come. I have enjoyed watching her change and grow as a person & standing by the men she loves . I have no doubt she will be a good mother

  15. I Love the Meredith Gentry novels. The way to started the book series is just amazing. I haven’t found to many authors that I like that can have a book start in the middle of someones life and tell the story from there. I do have a question I was just wondering if you were going to have more books of Meredith Gentry past A shiver of Light?? I hope so…..I can’t wait to read more of her story hopefully 🙂

  16. I’m sorry, the ending to this book ruined the series for me completely. I can overlook what feels like rushed endings to pretty much the entire series of books, because you make us really really care about the characters. Then to ***this is a spoiler so if you don’t want to know a key moment please stop reading***
    Kill off one of the people that she loves, not in battle, no, a freaking gun. Life is enough reality, I read as an escape, it would have cost nothing to end this nicely, this contributed nothing to the ending. i am pretty sure I’m overreacting, and my strong emotions show how wonderful Ms. Hamilton is at drawing a person in, but I think this is the end of the line for me.

  17. My main criticism on this book is too much telling and not enough showing. End a chapter with action starting then the next has the characters talking about what happened rather than showing the action.

  18. Please don’t let this be the end!! I have waited so long for this book. I personally think that this is your best book of all your series. It shows real emotion and makes the series seem like they actually exist. Don’t get me wrong. I love Anita Blake. But I feel that some of the books are on wash and repeat. Where with Merry you actually make each of your characters more realistic and tangible.
    You are a wonderful writer
    I will continue to read Anita
    But I will always favor and reread Meredith

  19. I have just finished re-reading the entire Merry Gentry series again. I still love it and can’t wait until the next book comes out. Please let there be a next book…..

  20. I started out listening to “A stroke of Midnight” While driving out of state on my own case. (Audiobook) only caught a few words on subject of book.. Since I also am a PI, I just had to hear it. And WHAM, I was hooked. I’ve read or listened to all of your books. I love the Merry Gentry sieres & it would be a shame to end it at this stage. Your a fantastic author with unforgettable story lines. PLEASE DONT LET IT END here. I was shocked when you let Kng Sholto pass on. He was just starting to be a fleshed out part of the series. Very sad for those of us who saw him grow to truly love Merry & starting to know his child with her.if anyone could bring him back into the series, your talent for writing & for making paranormal plots with a twist that is believable happen it could be a chance to show just how wonderful your talents truly are. I’m so looking forward to the next tale in the series. Please don’t stop the Merry Gentry story line here. I’ve enjoyed most all of your books, but this series has been the best. I’d like to thank you for sharing your imagining worlds with us. Please keep the words you’ve created coming. I’ve gotten my sister hooked on the unaltered audio stories as her drive to work is 90minutes each way. She tells me they keep her as entertained as they’ve kept me.

  21. I was reading these to see if I could find out an anticipted release date for the next book. Thank loads to all of you whining, and in the process dropping a big fucking spoiler for those of us that hadn’t read all the books yet.
    May the flames of hell burn your genitals for all of time.

  22. I am such a huge fan yours! I started with the Merry Series and fell in love with Anita and her boys. I would like to know if you are working on a new Merry Book? Did the baby belong to Sholto? PLEASE say yes!!!! I was so broken hearted when he died. See, I understood his desire to be wanted and accepted for who he is. His story line has always resonated with me on a very personal level. I understand the people have to come and go, but why him???? He had so much more he could do. I love your books and can’t wait for the next one!!!!

  23. Is the next Merry book on its way? Is there any expected release date? I will settle for a month and year… Although I enjoy the Anita Blake series and the scifi aspect, Merry is all fantasy and I can’t get enough of her!!! Merry is my ride-or-die! 😊
    Laurell/fans, if you know of any authors or series’ of a similar genre that I can sink my teeth into to tide me over as I wait for the next Merry book, please hook me up with your suggestions. I am by no means going to stop reading Laurell so I hope no one thinks that. I know Charlaine Harris (I have read just about all of her books) promotes Laurell, so if there are any others you all can suggest, please help me out with some distractions as I eagerly await the next Merry!!! 💕

  24. I love this series and hope to see more. Although, I’m not sure I could take the loss of another of Merry’s men. But YOU are the author, not me. Tell the story as YOU see fit and the characters demand. Death happens. Grieve and deal with it. After reading some of the other comments, I think some people need reality checks.

  25. I love both the Anita Blake and the Merry Gentry series. I’m just finishing A Shiver of Light for the second time and then on the Crimson Death (I started the Gentry series while waiting for Crimson Death to come out 🙂 I really hope there are more of Merry’s adventures coming soon!!! There are so many possibilities and I love it!!!!!

  26. I was hoping for a small synopsis of this book, I never expected to be told what happened in the second review down. if you’re going to allow spoilers at least be decent enough to post at the top that comments may contain spoilers on the book. I am beyond pissed right now. I can’t believe how inconsiderate you readers are that you would ruin this for people who haven’t read it yet.

  27. Laurell- I love all your books and cannot wait for your next one to come out.
    I was upset on the last Merry book, but I believe that’s a great testament on how great of an author you are for me to feel so deeply about your characters and world that you create.
    You keep creating and I will keep reading!
    You do you and don’t let anyone take you away from the storylines you create, I am sure you have a plan/ purpose for everything. You go girl!

  28. Check out other Author’s comment sites. They begin with asking readers (who must comment on specific events and are unable to do so without revealing the story line) to identify their comment as a spoiler and list it accordingly. Helpful.

  29. I know you have an affinity for the Anita series, but I’ve been seduced by Meredith and her storyline. I have many questions brewing about the storyline and hope you can work them into the next book.
    1. Meredith’s fairy mound on the West Coast – will they ever do anything with it?
    2. Rees’s mound – details, please
    3. Taranis’s fate – rape charges, kidnapping charges, infertility
    4. Queen Meredith of the Sluagh
    5. The babies’ power issues – how will the family deal?
    6. Babies’ DNA results – define 6+ fathers by modern science?
    7. What does Frost get? (Doyle Crown/Rees Mound)
    8. Is there someone for Galen? He wasn’t cut out for 4th or less
    9. Does Rees ever get his eye back like in the vision?
    10. A’s replacement of T as Seely King?
    11. Meredith’s burgeoning goddess status? (I though the Goddess was giving herself to humans to be better appreciated – does that mean worshipped? How does that influence Freedom of Religion as an American concept? Constitution? And does FoR affect Meredith’s followers? Court case in the offing?
    12. Has Maeve ever brought Meredith into her godhead, thus negating the mortality issue? Thinking of their first encounter.
    13. Moot point now, but does Doyle ever tell Meredith what his issue was with Sholto?

    1. I totally agree with Laura; but I have another point or two.

      14. With the Goddess’ help does Merry defeat Queen Andias? and become the new Unseelie Queen?
      15. Since the babies are exhibiting powers of their own, could their be a story for them?

  30. I was disappointed by Sholto’s death, but LKH pretty much yelled it throughout the whole book. They weren’t sure if any of the kids were his, he definitively said they weren’t inlove with each other, nor would he sacrifice his kingdom for anyone, including the children. He didn’t live with them, he felt no real bond with either triplet…I mean, what would have been his purpose? He got what he’d always wanted, a woman who loved and accepted him. He didn’t need a queen, and Merry clearly doesn’t need another king, so Sholto, as much as I liked him, had outlived his usefulness as a figure in Merry’s life.

  31. I was so stunned when Sholto died. He was my favorite, I related to him on many levels.
    But I do not think he is truly gone. King Sholto is also “The Lord That Passrs In Between”, he was killed on the shores where water meets land.
    Could it be that he can come back because of this?? Perhaps this is an idea for Laurell to contemplate. If she has not already considered it.
    Sholto spoke to me on a very personal level. I am not ready to say Goodbye to him.

  32. I just finished reading the series a few days ago, and i couldn’t help but wonder if there will be a new book, or was Shiver of Light the last one? I truly enjoyed Merry’s story, it would be great to see what will happen with her and her friends and family. What will become of her kids? Will she eventually rule one of the courts, or she’ll unite them? Or her court of exiles will become an official court? Also how come only Frost and Sholto became mortal like Merry? They aren’t the only ones who loved her, and Sholto wasn’t even in love with her, not the way Doyle and Frost are, and even Rhys and Galen… So many questions i need answers to. So i hope there will be a new book eventually.
    Sholto’s death was a shocker and really sad… He and Merry had started forming a deeper bond, and now he won’t even get to know his daughter…

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