Anita Blake Comics

The power to give life. The power to take it away. Anita Blake possesses both. By day, she works as a necromancer, reanimating the dead; for a price. But her nights are another story altogether. She is the well-known huntress; fittingly known by the vampires as The Executioner.

Based on the works of Laurell K. Hamilton, the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series provides both a new look at the best-selling series of novels as well as new tales from Anita Blake’s world.

In Cronological order the comics are

  1. The First Death (2 Issues)
  2. Guilty Pleasures (12 issues)
  3. The Laughing Corpse (Animator, Necromancer, Executioner each 5 issues long)
  4. Circus of the Damned (Charmer, Ingenue, Scoundrel each 5 issues long)

8 thoughts on “Anita Blake Comics”

  1. I admire you writing style and wish sometimes just to be at a brainstorming session with you. It tickles me that when reading either the Anita Blake series or the Merry Gentry series, I would have a thought then there it is on the page before me. I hope this doesn’t sound weird, I feel as though through your creative mind , we are alike. I do hope one day to meet you and “talk shop.” I have nothing I want you to pitch or buy, I just admire your mind and creativity. Thanks for writing, it helps me not to feel alone when my mind wanders to similar topics. -Josette Hill

  2. Hello, my names Robert, i used to read a long time ago then as life got busy i stopped. so now i’ am in between being busy and stumbled upon your Anita Blake books and they have kept me amused thank you. Your pretty much movie material, with all the other crap that is out there you could give some people [ alot of people ] great incentive to do better. could use some more of anita though, i am not done reading i hope you did’nt kill her off lol. thanks again. choi.

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