Vampire hunter Anita Blake leaps into uncharted territory in the all-new novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton.

For most people, summer barbecues are nothing to be afraid of. But Anita isn’t exactly plain vanilla—and neither is her love life. So it takes a special kind of courage to attend a barbecue thrown by her friend Sergeant Zerbrowski. Walking into a backyard full of cops and their families with wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel both looking gorgeous on her arm won’t be easy, even with almost-four-year-old Matthew Vespucci to break the ice…

Anita is determined to have a good time with her family, just like everyone else. But it doesn’t take long for tensions to rise among the adults and kids. And Anita will learn that gossip and innuendo can be just as dangerous as anything the undead can throw at her…

27 thoughts on “Dancing”

    1. Dancing, along with Beauty are eSpecials that are only available electronically. There are plans to release them in printed form in the future, but there is no set date on that.

    2. To my knowledge there is no hard copy for this book.
      If you enjoyed this one try Beauty.
      You can get them on the E-Book format.

  1. Is there perhaps, please please, a printing in the works to include all the current novellas into a single binding? I’d love to own the four (that I know of) in a single binding, without other authors included.
    Please? And thank you.

  2. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE, get a printed copy of all of the novella’s as well as the E-Books, in the Anita Blake Series.

    As someone that collects the books I read it would be the best gift Laurel K Hamilton could give .

  3. I would really REALLY love to be able to purchase all the novellas for the Anita Blake Series in one book. I don’t like e-books, it doesn’t have the same feeling as holding a paper book in hand when reading.

  4. I look forward to owning bound copies of everything LKH has written to date. Please publish the e-book releases, you know they’ll sell!

  5. Im a huge fan own everything i can in books including the nightshade star track book and I dont like star track lol so I cant wait for the novellas to come out

  6. Would love to own a hard copy of all of the novellas! I already own all of the other Anita books and would love to add these to my growing collection!!

  7. Couldn’t agree more. Short stories, novellas and e-books ought to be printed and published in paper format somewhere – and available to her fans in Britain.

  8. Please put the entire Anita Black Series on Audible.Com I love to read but don’t always have the time so listening is the next best thing

  9. I love both, the books in hard back and my kindle. Laurel k Hamilton I have A BIG QUESTION, couldn’t you do a
    Electronic signature for those of us that ABSOLUTELY adore your books😉👍🐸 I would probably go apey if you did this for us Electronic fans👍👍😍❤ . I now have 5 more friends buying your books when I told them that your my favorite author and I always FEEL I’m in Ur books.

  10. Oh no completely gutted, Just went on line to buy this and found out its only in ebook. Please please please release in paper form!!!!

  11. I own every book. Why would this not be printed? I hate having an incomplete series, it makes my neurosis flare up.

    1. So with you there – when I LOVE an author, it’s to my dying breath. But what would the world be like without the smell and feel of a book – one word – SAD!

  12. I feel much the same way with the audio books. There are five that are impossible to get. For SOME reason they were left out when the other audio books were done. Will they ever do the missing audio books in unabridged versions? Are the books just too large? Is there some issue with the publisher? It can be very frustrating to say the least!

  13. I’m a die hard laurel Hamilton fan, have every book ever copied!!! Guess ill be purchasing my first kindle so I can read what I don’t have😢 I love picking up my paper backs laying n bed reading … but I will do what I must too read them all !! Thank u laurel for Al your great works , , u are amazing !!! Awaiting a new Meredith book too be published 😉

  14. Why not print it out?
    I hate hate hate ebooks.
    Not happy, playing catch up and this is horrible.
    Put them on amazon print on demand at least……

  15. I just found there are 3 ebooks from the series. I have every book including the newest. I’m bummed that there are portions of the story that I can not get a printed copy of.

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