Death of a Darklord – Ravenloft

Death of a Darklord focuses on a young woman who finds that she has a talent for magic in a land and a family unforgiving of such abilities, and her tragic attempts to redeem herself in the eyes of her family by aiding them on their quest to end the dark magic that has destroyed a neighboring town.

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7 thoughts on “Death of a Darklord – Ravenloft”

  1. Please is there another book after this? I can not find it and need the name of it. I really enjoyed this book along with the entire Anita Blake series and am a huge fan. I would love to continue after Death of a Dark Lord.

    1. I agree! The book is great, but it just ends abruptly, and you’re left sitting there like, what just happened? Anita Blake is my favorite, though.

  2. Me too! Almost halfway through it and looking for more!!!!! I’ve read Anita and Merry G! I need more Ravenloft!

  3. I loved the book itself but i want another one to continue this story. Please give me another book with these characters.

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