Author of the hugely popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, Laurell K. Hamilton has brought the supernatural to light—and has given readers a vision of a world aflame with electrifying suspense and violent passions. In this, her debut novel, her rich imagination spreads its wings to fly—in a tale of a woman known as sorcerer, prophet, and enchantress.

The mark of a demon can open the door to undreamed-of powers and possibilities—or expose a soul to the darkest and most forbidden forces of sorcery. Now Keleios wears the mark—and the time of avenging her mother’s death is at hand.

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21 thoughts on “Nightseer”

  1. I was wondering if there might be a crumb of a chance to get the Sequel to the book ” Nightseer ”
    I am hoping but I understand either way.

    Ms. Hamilton I would like to take this time to thank you from my whole heart for your wonderful gift and that you are willing to share it

  2. Would love to see a sequel to this great book. Drew me in and couldn’t stop reading till I was done the next morning.

  3. I agree. I read this book years ago and am still hoping that a sequel will come out, This book series would equal the quality of Anita Blake and The Merry Gentry series.

  4. I’ll echo the others to say that I would love more stories in this universe. Any chance of this being released as an ebook.? My paperback is falling apart with as often as I”ve reread it over the years.

  5. I would love another book. I have read and own all Anita & Meredith books. I found this book and feel in love with the characters. Was wondering if there will be another in the works. Love your writing Laurell K. Hamilton. I also noticed that the book was dedicated to your Grandmother Gentry being the last name. It touched my own heart… I gained a whole new respect from the meridth Gentry series. Thank you for your writing takes me away from the normal grid of life. Very big hug.

  6. I have read all of the Anita and Merry books. I just recently read this and could not put it down. I really hope that there is going to be more. I loved the different world from the Anita and Merry series. I loved the characters, and hunger to know what happens after this. Thank you Laurell for the worlds you open and bring to me every time I read or re-read any of your books. They are my comfort and escape from bad days.

  7. I really really want the next Merry Gentry book. What will Merry do about revenging Sholto, what will it mean in practice being Queen of the Sluagh, and especially the next mirror call with Andais. Please!

  8. I really really want the next Merry Gentry book. What will Merry and the Sluagh do about avenging Sholto, what will it mean in practice being Queen of the Sluagh, and especially the next mirror call with Andais. Please!
    Also I wonder if we will find out what happened to Merry’s childhood friend who was Cel’s slave; if there will be another Brownie in the picture now that Gran is dead; and will we meet a Pixie like Galen’s father. And of course what dirty work Taranis will do to stop Aisling being crowned king.

  9. I really enjoyed this book, I don’t know why but I assumed it was a series. The world is well developed, the magic and gods were solid and I think this could easily be a series, a trilogy at the very least, I liked the end and really want to know how the couple get on and grow, also their adventures in such a magic filled world.

  10. I, too, would love to see this develop into a series. I have enjoyed Anita and Merry, so this one surprised and pleased me.

  11. I wish she would write a sequil to this. I read this many years ago. The ending was so imcomplete. There were so many loose threads and unanswered questions. I remembered this book recently, I did I vast internet search for it because I had forgotten the title. I was desperately hoping a swquil had ben written, but no. To be honest this is the only book she has written that has even caught my attention. I borrowed it from a fellow college student. I think I will track down my own copy. But seriously not doing a sequil is like if Tolkien had eneded Lord of the RIngs about where the Two Towers ended.

  12. I Love the Anita and Merdith Gentry series, so I found this book and decided to read it. All I have to say is where is the full series!???? This is a fantastic book and I want more!

  13. I know that by now, this is boring to you. However, having a series to this book would be awesome!! Everyone wants to find out if Belor is found safe; will Lothor and Keleios make the marriage work; will Keleios kill Nesbit?? There are so many questions that are left unanswered!! I love the other series, but something about this one is totally different and apparently your fans love it!! Pleasr consider a series??!!

  14. Please write more from this book I bought the book in 1992 am still waiting for more. I wAnt to know do they go on a quest to find the missing children,do they go in search of her best friend belor I need to know even if you only do one more book. Mega book omnibus 3 in one I’d buy it PLEASE say u will I’ve been waiting since 1992 for a second or third book 😥

  15. You have stated that you don’t know if you can come back to this first dream, though it saddens me that you might not, I understand if you don’t. Still I would like to drop in and say, if you perhaps one day do come back to nightseer, even if it was just to create one more book, I would be a very happy fan.

  16. Im with everyone else I hope to see more of this series it’s a good read but who we kidding laurell k Hamilton is a good writing I don’t ever see any of her books being a bore

  17. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read abother book based in this world! It’s actually my favorite LKH book Obsidian Butterfly comes in second. Rerelease it with a new cover on Kindle and write anot her in this wonderful world.

  18. Love this book so much. It had everything in it a fierce lady, action, magic I swear i finished this book the day I started reading it. I would also love it if there was a series. I cant believe I’ve only read it now :D!!!!!

  19. There is so much back story alluded to that I was convinced I was reading the sequel to some other book . I searched on this site hoping to find the part I had missed , or at least a sequel that would develop the relationship with Lothor. Certainly his family politics leave plenty of room for further adventure. That said I can see why a mature writer might have difficulty returning to such an on the nose D&D based universe. Of course were she to do so the sequel could be even better than the original.

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