May 22 , 2018
A lot of you have asked me to talk more about Spike and Genevieve, the other half of our fourple. (Actually the term fourple was coined in a conversation with one of [...]
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Piles of Snakes

May 11 , 2018
If you are phobic of snakes, please skip this blog. Trust me, you don’t want to see any of this. Now that I’ve warned all of you who suffer from ophidiophobia, here’s a [...]
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Edits, Travel, and the Injury at the End

Apr 09 , 2018
I finished the edits on the next Anita Blake novel, Serpentine at the beginning of March. Jonathon, my husband, and I were already on a romantic vacation, but he helped me take [...]
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Praying in Time

Sep 20 , 2017
    I went to a Christian college because it was the only college close enough to home for me to stay at home and take care of my grandmother.  Dr. Martin was head [...]
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Fallen Heroes

Aug 01 , 2017
I got a text from my best friend the other day. We joke that our friendship is old enough to get its own drinks now. He’s a non-practicing Marine, and a former police officer. [...]
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Today is the Emotional Day

Jul 27 , 2017
This morning I woke up anxious and unsettled and couldn’t figure out why, then I realized, “Oh, this is the emotional day after I finish a book.” I was so [...]
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Creative Emptiness

Jul 22 , 2017
I’ve been running on empty so long, I don’t know how to refill my tank.  Usually when I don’t write for even a few days my dreams turn to violent nightmares [...]
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The Book is Done!

Jul 20 , 2017
The next Anita Blake novel is off to my editor in New York! I am exhausted, elated, and happy to put it into her hands for a few weeks, while catch back up with the rest of my [...]
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May 09 , 2017
First things first, there will not be a big book from me this year.  There probably won’t even be a little book from me in 2017, but my muse sometimes hits very [...]
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My Two Cents

Jan 26 , 2017
I voted for Barack Obama twice. The first time because I believed that he would be a positive change in leadership. The second time because the Republicans had not only no one I [...]
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