December Audio Book Winner

Jan 03 , 2013
Congratulations to Deanna Russell from Tucson, AZ. She won the December Audio Book Contest. The question that month was “How do you feel that Anita Blake has evolved over [...]
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Nov. Audio Book Winner

Dec 05 , 2012
We would like to congratulate Cindy Gentry from Racine, Wisconsin. Her name was randomly drawn out as our Nov. Audio Book winner. We sent Cindy a Burnt Offering audio book. Our [...]
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August Audio Book Winner!

Sep 10 , 2012
We picked our August audio book winner. Her name is Kelly Houlihan from Lansing IL. When asked who she would most like to meet (besides Anita) She wrote Nicky. She said she was [...]
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April Audio Book Winner

May 02 , 2012
We had over 918 entries..We asked which Merry Gentry book was your favorite, and the winner was Lick Of Frost. Swallowing Darkness came in a close 2nd. And then A Kiss of [...]
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March Audio Book Winner

Apr 03 , 2012
We had over 1066 entries..We asked which Anita Blake book was your favorite, and the winner was OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY. Narcissus in Chains came in a close 2nd. And then Incubus [...]
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February Contest Winner

Mar 01 , 2012
We had over 1000 entries…WOW! Anita Blake was the definite favorite, but Merry Gentry held her own.  And of course, there were the “cheaters” who [...]
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Laurell K Hamilton Fan Club

Dec 13 , 2011
Hello Everyone,                 The fan club puzzled me from the beginning. Years ago when my assistant wanted to start one, I just didn’t understand why there [...]
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November Fan Club Winner

Dec 01 , 2011
We would like to congratulate Meagan New from Rosenberg, TX. She is our Nov. fan club random drawing winner. We sent Meagan a Prowling Leopard pin from our store inventory. [...]
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Oct Fan club Winner

Nov 02 , 2011
Congratulations to Dianna Quiroz for being our Oct Random Drawing Winner. We sent Dianna a prowling leopard from our online store inventory. Again, congratulations, Dianna. [...]
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August Fan Club Winner

Sep 19 , 2011
We would like to congratulate Nancy Gunter from Clemmons, North Carolina for being our August Fan Club Drawing winner. Nancy received a Prowling Leopard pin..found in our online [...]
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