Grab Bag Shirt $5

May 13 , 2015
In celebration of the impending release of Dead Ice, we are offing a random shirt for $5. you pick the size and we’ll ship you a shirt, from one of the designs that [...]
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“Kiss the Dead” Tour Shirts-On Sale Now

Mar 15 , 2012
The 21st Book of the Anita Blake series “Kiss the Dead” is coming out June 2012. We are offering this limited run…PRE-ORDER…Tee! Go to the online store and [...]
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“Snack” T-shirts on sale now

Jan 30 , 2012
Are you willing to feed the Ardeur? What about donating blood for a hungry Vamp? If you are, then you need to wear your BLOOD RED Guilty Pleasures Security “Snack” [...]
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Autographed Copies of Anita Blake Graphic Novels

Dec 06 , 2011
Laurell K Hamilton Online Store now has available certain Autographed copies of Anita Blake Graphic Novels for sale…just in time for the Holiday Season. [...]
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Jun 27 , 2011
We are now selling AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS in our online store. We have a few select copies on sale right now and as we get more in we will put them up in the store as fast as Laurell [...]
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Bullet t-shirt until the end of June

Jun 25 , 2010
I thought I’d blogged about this ages ago, but I didn’t. My bad, sorry. We have a Bullet t-shirt that is only avaible until the end of June. When the last day of the [...]
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