Korn, Korn, and a side of Korn

Dec 16 , 2009
Since I’m on a Korn kick for the time being, I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs that I’ve been writing to. “Coming Undone”, “Getting [...]
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Sick and searching for Harder Music

Mar 20 , 2009
I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, that then backed up and drove out through just under my sternum. It’s been a bad week here for health issues. Darla only got to [...]
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Christmas music in June

Jun 28 , 2008
Just got done putting ice on the ankle. Damn, it hurts. I’ve done two pages on Merry today. We are sooo close to done. Stupid pain. I’ve finally gotten out the [...]
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A late night with music and fire

May 19 , 2008
Saturday night we got to bed about 1:30 AM. It was well worth it, but Sunday night we ended up getting to bed about 2:30 AM. It was worth it, too, but in a completely different [...]
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Writing, orchids, music

Feb 25 , 2007
I took yesterday off. I’ve found that I need one day on the weekend to rest my mind so I can sit down on Monday eager to work rather than dreading it. I used to work seven [...]
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Music of the muse

Dec 31 , 2005
I know I’ve written here about the fact that I choose specific music per book. Thursday proved how invaluable the habit can be for me. I was only going to organize a few [...]
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Allergies and morning music

Sep 22 , 2005
Mold count was around 122,000 parts per yesterday. No wonder all of us here thought we were sick. Most of the household and staff suffer from allergies to one degree or another. [...]
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A Musical Question

Aug 04 , 2005
I did the read through to musicals. MY FAIR LADY, 1776, CAMELOT, and A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD. All the hard-edged and club dance music went out the window. As I sit down to [...]
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Musical mysteries

May 22 , 2005
Been listening to so many different types of music that I don’t always remember what I’ve got in which player. I preview stuff before I have Jon put it on my Rio [...]
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Jasmine Tea, music, and the muse

Apr 03 , 2005
Spent two days this weeks pretty much living on music and Jasmine tea. I ate, but I huddled over my tea, and music and wrote. I now remember why I stopped writing short stories, [...]
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