Stronger and Healthier for the New Year

Dec 22 , 2010
A lot of you have asked me what I’ve been doing to get into better shape. I’ve told you about hitting the gym and eating better, but I haven’t shared exactly [...]
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Nicely Naughty Calenders for the New Year

Dec 19 , 2010
Men in Kilts calenders are here! Jon is one of the calender models for the second time, so we would have gotten calenders anyway. It’s too fun to have my very own husband as [...]
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Message Brought to you by Hawk and Raven

Aug 21 , 2010
I woke in a very dark, sad head space. The personal revelations of the last few days, working issues from my childhood, had left me almost in despair. So, I came to my office, but [...]
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Celebrating Sea Turtles, Mourning my iPhone, and Happy Fourth of July

Jul 04 , 2010
What I learned from rescuing Freja the Sea Turtle: iPhones do not like to be submerged in sea water; especially not for over an hour. Jon, my tech wizard, has declared my phone [...]
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Sea Turtle Rescue the Short Version

Jul 03 , 2010
By 8:00 AM this morning we’d rescued a sea turtle and I’d helped load it into the back of the ambulance for the Turtle Hospital. Yep, it is a hospital just for sea [...]
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What I’m Reading

Apr 13 , 2010
People are always asking me what I’m reading. My usual reply is research books, or nothing. I’m too busy writing my own novels to read anyone else’s, and [...]
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Highlights from our Getaway Part I

Mar 02 , 2010
Jon and I went away for a long weekend, or a short week: five days. Either way, here are the highlights from that getaway: First, I actually didn’t work while I was gone. I [...]
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Waking Dream

Feb 23 , 2010
People ask me if I have vivid dreams or nightmares. Normally, the answer is no. I had a spat of nightmares a few weeks back, but I finally figured out what issue I was working [...]
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What I Really Wanted for my Birthday

Feb 21 , 2010
My birthday was Friday. I’m not a big one for celebrating birthdays. I don’t even usually take the day off, but this year found me exhausted from the fourth book [...]
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Jan 22 , 2010
I’ve tried to pretend my mood was better than it truly was today. Sometimes it works to act as if. Act as if you’re happy. Act as if you’re not overwhelmed. Act [...]
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