Filament Magazine for Halloween

Oct 08 , 2010
Filament Magazine is the thinking woman’s crumpet in the United Kingdom, but here in America Filament is the thinking woman’s beefcake. I’ve loved the magazine [...]
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I slept last Night

Feb 10 , 2010
I did not finish Bullet last night. I made the executive decision that I, my husband, Jonathon, and my friend and assistant, Carri, could not all go on three hours or less sleep [...]
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In the Bright Light of Day

Feb 06 , 2010
Sometimes I’m too hard on myself and that makes my character Anita Blake too hard on herself. Merry Gentry cuts herself more slack than either of us. I’m not sure why, [...]
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Emotional Distance and a Spoiler

Jan 21 , 2010
Spoiler Alert: Read with caution In an effort to try and get me out of the deep, blue funk that I’ve been in, I tried to wear something yesterday that I have never worn to [...]
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Are My Male Characters the Men I’d Want to Date?

Jan 08 , 2010
I let you guys come up with blog topics you wanted to see here. You came up with some interesting ones and there was very little repeating. I thought that was interesting all on [...]
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Divine Misdemeanors & the Magic of the Everyday

Dec 17 , 2009
Divine Misdemeanors is book eight in the Merry Gentry series. The first story arc ends with book seven, Swallowing Darkness. Merry makes her choices in that book. We conquer a lot [...]
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