Crimson Death, the book that would not end.

Sep 09, 2016

I wrote this weeks ago, but was so busy actually writing, and living that I forgot to post it. 
It’s raining here today. The kind of rain that settles in like a guest before the cozy fire with a cup of hot tea and a good book. It’s that kind of day, but I can’t curl up with someone else’s book yet, because I have my own to finish. Crimson Death is written, but now it’s page proofs which are the last chance to catch any small mistakes. If you find any large ones that would require pages to fix, or even paragraphs, you are out of luck. The book has been to the printers and these are the finished sheets, so small changes like the fact that I keep trying to give Cardinale green eyes to match Damian’s, when she is introduced books ago with blue eyes, that can be caught and changed. You can add, or cut a sentence here and there, but beyond that the book is the book – it’s done. But like so often in publishing, it’s done, but it’s not. Crimson Death is almost set in stone, but here are page proofs to show that the stone can still be polished a bit more.

I have now read and reread this book so many times that I’m having to fight not to change things just to change things, so it will read differently. I’m somewhere between bored with it and terrified that I’ll miss something that will haunt me later. Today is the last day though, tomorrow the page proofs MUST be in New York. My editor, my publisher, the entire long suffering production team, everyone who has touched this book and helped it along are waiting for me to finish this one last pass through the manuscript, which now looks like the final typeset of the book. It’s still loose pages when printed out, but it is now set like it will appear between the covers of the book. The art department has that lovely cover waiting to go around these pages like a lover’s hug to hold it safe, warm, and made to feel pretty. The book is done, but it’s not.

Crimson Death more than any other book in memory has been done, until I realize it’s not done – yet. That first ending that didn’t work at all. That second climatic ending that in retrospect didn’t seem all that climatic. My old editor retired happily, and I’m happy for her, but my new editor and I are still finding our feet. I think I may owe her flowers after the grueling literary slog this book has become on our end. Or maybe we just need to meet at a bar somewhere and have a drink, or three. I don’t normally drink, but on the research trip to Ireland for Crimson Death, I finally learned to appreciate it. So cliche that I had to go to Ireland to learn to drink. This book is leaving me thinking that I might curl up in front of the fire on a rainy day with something a little harder than tea. Maybe some Glendalough whiskey shining amber in a crystal cut glass, while I finally put my feet up and get to read someone else’s book, but not yet.

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    1. This! My girlfriends and I have both read all of the books (and have our own copies) and she asked me how many we needed to pre-order. She thought we could get away with just the one to start, but that’s impossible since we are both bibliophiles and take our books everywhere.

    2. I am so excited to see this book. I have wanted to read more about Damian for so very long and this book sounds like a special one. Keep up the good work! We love you!

    3. Its a great book but I still am looking 4word 2 the hunt with Peter and Edward and also I really want Nicky’s old Rex Jacob 2 come into a longer book because I think it would totally rock!

  1. How fabulous that you found whiskey! I prefer bourbon to Irish, but it’s the thought that counts.

  2. I have never got to travel, it’s so wonderful that you have! What great adventures you must of had while writing all of the amazing books over the years. Thanks for all the hair pulling and fingernail biting moments, love you books.

  3. I am so in love with the world that Anita Blake resides in. It is by far my most favorite series to read out of all the series I find myself lost in. Reading a writer’s perspective on their work and how hard it is to create the masterpiece of a world you have created makes me appreciate it that much more. I loathe the day you find an ending for Anita. I could read about her growth in life forever. I hope you find your personal reading time very soon. Anxiously waiting for your latest book. 😀

  4. You and your team and the voices in your head are greatly appreciated but like others before me, hurry the hell up October!!!!

  5. I’m so happy that it will be out soon. It actually is being released on my birthday. Can’t wait the hubby is getting it for me.

  6. I am beyond confident in your ability to wow a literary audience. I anxiously await this book and every future book you may write. You are the author who reignited an old passion that had been banked far too long.

  7. I imagine continuity in details such as eye colors for non-central characters is a b*tch to keep straight. I’d have to create a database or index cards for everyone in Anita’s universe. It’s amazing that you do what you do, and I for one will forget minor errors 🙂

  8. Cant wait for the book to come out! I am an aspiring writer have been reading your books since sophomore year high school ( 26 years old now)i have read everything you have published, includingyour novellas. Looking forward to reading Crimson Death! And many more! The waits are long but always worth it.Thank you for being the writer you were destined to be and sharing your talent!

  9. Love all your books!! They are so I grossing I forget to sleep, because I want to know what happens next ! Hehe I’ve read and re-read the entire series so many times , never gets old 🙂 as for all the different endings , ever thought of adding the different endings at the back? just to see where you started and how it really ended 😉 love all you do!!

  10. I am so grateful to you for the pleasure I receive from reading your books. Anita and Mary’s world always feels like coming home to me when I get to curl up with them for a few hours. Reading their stories have gotten me through many deployments that my husband has been on. I am looking forward to Crimson Death being a welcomed escape for his current deployment.
    Thank you

  11. Oh, I’d be happy to read it and help with the proof!😂 Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Happy proof read.

  12. You remind me of my former boss. After two passes with the red pen, she would tell me not to show her a letter, report, etc again because she would always find something else to tweak.

  13. All your hard work pays off when us fans read it. Thank you. Love all of them. Had so many of your books that my kids said ,” Mon we don’t have room for any more books”. I tell them that its all lies. You never have to many book. .

  14. I love your work. While reading this I felt a little surprised when you wrote after you finish completely you will curl up with another authors book I felt like I did when I was a child and seen my teacher out side of school, I realized when I think of you I see in my minds eye you writing away for us your readers🤔 I’m I weird or do others feel that way? Can’t wait to get my hands on this book it’s pre-ordered. So when’s the next Anita book coming out after Crimson 😜

  15. You and your team are great! I am grateful that I found your books and that you still write them.
    Any idea of a signing schedule??

  16. It seems like I have been waiting forever. I’ve had to re-read my old books. I picked Obsidian Butterfly. Can’t wait for the new book.

  17. As a novice writer it is amazingly encouraging to read about your writes and rewrites. It offers hope in that everlong dark storm that is first edits for a first novel. Thank you for being real and shareing.

  18. The longer the better. I’m so bummed when the story ends and I have to wait to go back to Anita’s world. I even got my Mom hooked on Anita Blake. She knows I preordered the book so everyday I here the same question lol. Where is it?! You and your teams hard work is appreciated more than you know.
    Blessed be

  19. Have LOVED all your books to date! Have you had this ” never ending” issue with your other books? Why do you suppose it is so, with this one? Can’t wait for a book that focuses only on Jean Claude! As a tribute to you and “Anita’s” men..I’ve dedicated one of my Pintrest albums. (my image is a white cat) I called it “Anita’s Sweeties”. I’ve selected honeys that I pictured as my image of some our favorite characters, as per your exquisite descriptions….Its a work in progress but I hope you can check it out…I’d be honored!!

  20. As a reader of your books, none of them truly end or the series would be done. I love you books even when everyone else was saying that there was too much of this and not enough of that. I wanted to throttle them and remind them that that is life. The world you create with your words will be “human” as you are and that to me is what makes you such a great word smith. You are more than just the author, these characters are real. They are pieces of your imagination that you have chosen to share with the world and I for one thank you for the hard work you do to portray them to us as they are to you.

  21. I can’t wait to read it, I will be getting myself an early birthday present. T hank you so much for Anita. In my next life I want to be Anita.

  22. Can’t wait I literally found you when I was 14 and the series was on book 10 I started reading from the beginning in may just before school got out and finished them all by July and I have kept reading and reread all of them many times I love the dynamics you bring into the story and the details so glad anita story isn’t over yet keep up the awesome work

  23. I always have to clear my schedule when your books come out because I know I won’t be putting it down until it’s done! Then I reread it more slowly picking up more details that I missed the first time through. As always, looking forward to Crimson Death, and the next book, and the one after that……

  24. The details are the hardest, especially with fans who have read, reread, memorized your books and plot lines. I’m sure someone would have noticed that Cardinal had blue eyes, but really a small detail. I see arguments all the time about details in your books, get over it, it’s fantasy and we love, love, love it. So looking forward to Damian! One of my favorites.

  25. Thank you Ms. Laurell K. Hamilton for your exciting Anita Blake and Merry Gentry books. You have given a unique spin of characters to your fans to enjoy, and we forget to thank you for all of the other work it takes for your books to get from your desk to the printing and production of the books to be distributed to us, your avid fans. I for one would like to thank you, for your books have gotten me through some hard moments of loss, grief, panic attacks and high anxiety. I have found adventurous relief and escape for a short while in your worlds of unique adult fairy tales. It is all the better these tales ask a big “what if” and has us imagining right along with you a world turned on its ear, yet “normal all the same. We love you out here in fan land, and I shall read and re-read your books till they turn to dust!
    R. Jackson

  26. I have been waiting for your new book for so long. I am very happy that you went back to make it better. All your hard work will pay off. You are an awesome writer and I have been rereading your old books. I am rereading incubus dreams right now and that one was one of your longest. That one and Affliction are my favorites so far. I can’ wait to read about Damian finally. Keep up the great work and take a breath.Thank you.

  27. I agree with all of your other fans… a new Anita Blake book is worth the wait. I pre-ordered Crimson Death as soon as it was available. I was awaiting a book with more focus on Damian and here we are. I’m already in love with Jean Claude and would Love Love another book focused on him and Anita (as long as they are still in love) but it’s about time Damian got his book. I am attracted to his character more than any other except Jean Claude. Damian seems to be a strong character that has been willing to wait or step aside; especially since he has Cardinal, but I hope that he and Anita come out of this book being closer than ever before. Either way I’m sure I’m going to love the book. Congratulations on completing this book. I love reading and I know that a little down time to read other authors will be a great break for you.

  28. I am waiting patiently for your book to be put out on Wal Mart shelves tomorrow. I just love your books. I try to make them last a few days but they are very hard to put down . I share my books with my friends . I learn a long time ago about your books from my little sister in Seattle. I was hooked. Thank you . You are a beautiful and fantastic writer. Have a beautiful Blessed day.

  29. I just finished reading the book, and I really enjoyed it, but being French I couldn’t help to notice the errors in a few French sentences. I do not know if this has already been brought to your attention but you may want someone fluent in French to proof read the few French sentences in your works. Maybe someone at your publishing house are someone you know? Since I didn’t take notes I only recall one from the top of my head: “lionne” means lioness not lion which seems inappropriate for Nicky.
    I hope this helps…

  30. I am furious. I pre-ordered this book as a Christmas gift for LAST YEAR for my daughter, a long-time fan of Anita Blake. She owns hardbacks of every book. Several of which I’ve bought for her.
    I FINALLY got notification that Crimson Death is being shipped this morning. Of course, this occurred AFTER my daughter attended your book signing in St Louis last night, paying for the same book. What sort of PR stunt is this! It’s ridiculous that it was put off for a year – depriving her of the Christmas gift – and then conveniently released the day of the book signing. This stinks!

  31. This series is one of the first I ever came across that I had to invest in actual bookcase I’m so invested in these books that each new one brings a kind of elation that I can peek into the lives of these characters and feel excited to see what happens

  32. I have to admire you, other than for your obvious talent. There are some major bullies out there some who love your work, some who hate it and they attack!
    I review lots of books, preferring to review the author’s style and how the book makes me feel rather than put spoilers in them to ruin the read for others. This means my reviews seldom deviate from book to book in a series as I’m actually reviewing the author. I’ve never gotten negative comments until I reviewed this book and then, oh my!
    My motives, veracity, style, content…you name it, I’m bad. One bully actually told me that it would be unethical for me to delete my review because of the bullying and I was now stuck with all of them! I told him I had no intention of removing my review as that would imply shame, wrongdoing or fear and I felt none of those things.
    I figure you’ve dealt with this stuff a thousand times more, at least, than I have. Hence, the admiration.
    You go girl!!! Your books rock!

  33. Love the entire Anita Blake series — read them the minute they come out. I know this is off topic but are you going to be writing another Meredith Gentry book?! I am dying in suspense waiting to read another.

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