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May 03, 2016

The contest has finished. Winners will be notified by email.

Thank you all for for your participation as well as your patience and understanding while we tried out a new system for contests.


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Have you had a chance to read Dead Ice, an Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel? What about Wounded, the new extended epilogue in the back of the new paperback release? Here is your chance to win a SIGNED paperback copy of Dead Ice! On Thursday May 5, we will randomly select 10 lucky winners!
This contest expired.

135 thoughts on “Dead Ice Sweepstakes”

  1. I can’t tell if I’ve entered or not. It just keep looping me back 🙁

      1. I have the same problem that ours have I receive the email and am sent back to this page and I have no entry for the tally. I’m just wondering if I’m allowed to enter as I don’t live in the US.

    1. I can’t tell if I am entered or not. All boxes stayed blank but cursor moved lol ( )

  2. I hope my entry went through. When I enter my info it doesn’t actually appear on the screen, so I hope I typed it right!

  3. I don’t know if it worked….the boxes turned red then one went grey but that’s the only change

  4. Won’t let me enter as well. I type my name and email address and nothing shows! I would really love this book!

  5. I’ve tried twice now to enter but it doesn’t show what I’ve typed in. And my entry box stays empty. Does this mean it’s not working for me either?

  6. I really like that you’ve developed Anita through your books. Strong, provocative and enguaging, I’ll re-trad them again and again. I like to add that Audible did a fine job of setting them to hear.
    Keep up the great work Laura.
    We love what you do.

  7. There was an error in the style sheet that controlled the formatting of the text color of the input boxes. If you’ve had trouble entering before, please try again.

    1. Jon, I think I entered correctly. There are so many out there that would love a signed copy from Laura. I love the books but my wife is even a bigger fan than me. I honestly enter for a chance to win for her. I know she’d be floored to have a signed copy in her collection. Here’s hoping right? Blessings.

  8. I think I entered, but when I clicked the email confirmation link it circled me back to the “enter contest” page. If we enter more than once are we disqualified?

  9. This would be amazing! Laurell K. Hamilton is the first author that really got me interested in reading. When I was displaced during Katrina I went looking for Guilty Pleasures because I needed some enjoyment. It was the first book I ever read by her a few years earlier and loved it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it, but instead I found A Stroke of Midnight. I now had two series by her I could love. Thank you for the amazing work that you do!

  10. Why is it that when it sends me an email saying I am entered & to click this to confirm & I click it takes me right back to where I was & the tally board now says that I have zero entries so I tried again & still the same thing so am I entered or not cause I really would like to win. But more importantly I want to at least have a chance to win please let me know if there is a glitch in the system or a zombie for that matter and if I’m entered thank you somuch

  11. Commenting do i can enter. Love both Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series. Amazing.

  12. I get to the ‘check email for confirmation’ part, but it’s not sending one, it seems…

  13. Hmm… never entered in a sweepstakes before and my chances are slim but it’d be nice if I won… ah well, I can only hope! (My friend who reads the anita blake series with me would be soooo jealous!)

  14. I read it on my Nook, and I would love to have a paperback version! These books just get better and better!

  15. I would be freakin’ tinkled pink for days if I won this!! I absolutely love my Anita Blake tales & reread the entire series 1-2 times a year religiously. I am convinced if I read them enough I can become 1 with that world making it my reality 😉

  16. I keep entering and get a confirmation email, but when it says to confirm it I keep getting put on the entry page. A few times it has shown I had one entry, but it keeps going back to showing me zero entries. I don’t know if I’m entered, and if I’m entered multiple times please don’t disqualify me. Something keeps glitching.

  17. I tried to enter and it keeps looping me back to here as well without any confirmation. I hope the contest creators take into account how many people are having this problem and get our entries in correctly!

  18. Is there any way for those of us who bought the hard back and/or kindle versions of Dead Ice to be able to read the new material? Short of going to the store and reading it, I mean. I already have a print version and an electronic version of the book, I really don’t need a second print version, although I entered the giveaway for the autograph.

  19. I’ve been visiting Anita’s world since I was in high school, and love this entire series. 😍 Dead Ice is the only one I’m lacking.

  20. Please pick me! I am a huge Anita fan and adore the books. I have read them all numerous times. Please I must read more! Love you Laurell!!

  21. I’m not sure that any of this is working! I tried to leave a comment earlier and it doesn’t seem to have gone through. Please please please!!!!! I need this book! Love you Laurell!!!!

  22. Must have book!!! Did any of these comments get through???? I can’t see any of them. Love the books! Huge fan! Please!!!

  23. Crossing all my fingers and toes that I’ve done this right. Not sure how to confirm my entry.

      1. Thank you so much for replying! I’m sure you have much better things to be doing than personally answering each of us. I’m a huge fan, this made my day 🙂 hope yours is excellent as well.

  24. I don’t know if I actually got entered or not. When it goes to confirm my e-mail address it says I have no entries now 😩 Help!!

  25. A friend of mine turned me on to the Anita Blake books years as years ago. Now I get them and read them faster than she does! Many thanks to LKH and her support team for feeding my continuing addiction!

  26. Having the same issue as the other folks here. Got the confirmation email, but sends me back here to reenter. Can somone please confirm entry? Would love a chance to win this 😊

  27. I have the same problem as the others. I have the confirmation email but it sends me back to reenter. So I don’t know if my entry is confirmed. I hope so because I would love to win this 😃

  28. I can’t tell if my entry went through our not. The email took me here but it doesn’t show I have an entry.

  29. i click the confirmation email and it brings me back to this page and doesn’t show an entry

  30. Jonathon can you please tell me what is going on. I entered yesterday got the confirmation email it sent me back to where I was at before but said I had no entries, tried a.second time that time no email back so I decided to try again today as I.saw.a.great deal of other people seemed to be having same problem. I checked back again today it said I had zero entries so I tried to enter again no email sent to me but I got an weird screen saying my account had been suspended & to call you guys it gave no number so I am at.a complete loss to know.what is going on can you please help me by checking to see if I’m really entered & if I’m really suspended & why I was suspended. Thank you for any help & information you may be able to help with.

  31. Well, finally got an email with a confirmation link, but it keeps looping back and showing no entry; hope I’m actually entered!

  32. I would love an autographed copy for my collection!!!

    I just hope my entry was received. I noticed others were having problems when putting their info. I also got a confirmation email, but it states 0 entries.

  33. I keep getting an error message when I try to post, so I am not sure if it is going through. I am also having issues with the link looping.

  34. Hi. Like so many others… I was sent back here to confirm but there isn’t a button or something… am I confirmed? Really hoping I win… love all the LKH books!

  35. I just entered and it did not say to check my email for a confirmation email, I did get an email though and clicked on the link to confirm my entry. It redirected me to this page again and did not say that my entry is confirmed? Am I entered?

  36. I hope I’m entered. I love Laurells books. I have reread them multiple of times and would love to win.

  37. I hope my entry worked (I’m optimistic it did) now let’s hope lady luck is with me because I’ve been having a really rough time in my life lately and could use some good 🙂

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