A Girl, a Goat, and a Zombie

Nov 03, 2016


I’ve removed the story for now. I’ll let you know when it is available again.


I can’t fix everything that’s gone wrong this election cycle, or elsewhere in the world, but I can write a brand new Anita Blake story to share with all of you. I’m putting it up for free for a few days to share some smiles and some good news, because we need more fun in our lives.

76 thoughts on “A Girl, a Goat, and a Zombie”

  1. I love this story, it’s sweet. So Anita went to the Cubs game with Billy, the goat, and the super fan, and got to see the World Series game that broke the curse. Brava!

  2. Well through out the books you did talk about dead pets and road kill in her younger years. To read about a pet goat that was happy to see his owner was pretty awesome. Thank you

  3. Thank you! That was a fun dip into Anita’s world and honored the Cubbie’s long awaited win at the same time. Good job, Laurell!

  4. I was bummed because I’m from a small town outside of Cleveland and was routing for the Indians. This story cracked me up! Thanks for making me feel better and congratulations to the Chicago Cubs! Great story lol!

  5. Can you put this on Amazon so I can get it into my Kindle? I can’t get it into my Kindle without going through Amazon. I just can’t get it to work, otherwise.

  6. Great little Halloween read, I’m not American but I can sympathise with you over your elections although the Australian ones are not quite as bad. Loved the story though

    P.s. Sorry to say it wouldn’t download for me though.

  7. Thank you so much for this delightful short story. We certainly could.use the happy this SS made. Good.ajob & thanks again

  8. Hilarious! I always wondered if she’d raise anymore pets (I mean besides her dog!). Thanks for sharing! 😁

  9. This was very cute Laurell. With this being National Novel Writing Month I almost skipped this one. But I can’t resist an Anita story, even if it means taking a break from my own writing. I’m glad I did. And I think I need some goats in my story. LOL It will make sense because of the rich animal population within the story. Thanks for the inspiration. πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh, I love it!!! You really need to add it to your next collection of novellas or short stories for those of us without e readers. Thanks for the humor in the midst of such turmoil.

  11. It might just be that I’m pregnant and hormonal, but the reunion of man and goat made me cry! Great story.

  12. How fabulous! Thank you for our “November surprise “πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Love the Zombie goat❀️️

  13. Thanks for making my day! I’m sitting in the emergency vet office with my cat and this really distracted me for a few minutes. You rock!

  14. ROFL *wipes tears from eyes* Thank you so much for the wonderful story! Loved it! What a marvelous way to commemorate an awesome win! Yay Cubs!

  15. Fantastic, thank u so much for this. My grandfather was a huge cubs fan and would have been on top of world had he lived to see this World Series

  16. That was an awesome read! I’m not a baseball fan- can’t stand the game really- but while my baseball nut of a hubby was watching enthusiastically, I was busy imagining the descendants of Bill bringing in the descendants of the goat, in order to help break the curse. How absolutely perfect that you upped the ante! Love it!

  17. Loved it anything Anita Blake does is amazing love the series. She’s an amazing character! Can’t wait for the next short or book!!

  18. Haven’t read any thing for you I don’t like !! Awesome as always. Can’t wait for you to come take a carriage ride in your great city of St. Louis.

  19. It’s official, Anita can raise anything. A zombie goat…..hilarious!

    BTW: My binge reading of Crimson Death was worth every sleepless moment.

  20. That’s was adorable and a much needed break from the other craziness I’ve seen on Facebook (where I found the link) lately. Thank you!

  21. After having a bad day at work listening to two men argue about politics this was a delightful read Thank You

  22. I loved the story, but I would love another book. I am curious about Anita’s wedding and commitment ceremony. How about Edwards wedding? Still curious about Otto Jeffries and Peter. Is Anita ever going to take a animal form? These are some of things I need to know. Ms. Hamilton please don’t leave us hanging.

  23. I loved it.. thanks for putting a wide smile on my face with your amazing Anita Blake and zombie goat.. adorable..

  24. I’m not a baseball fan, or sports fan at all to be honest, but this Anita story really warmed my heart! Great writing as usual, this really made my night. πŸ™‚

  25. What a great way to start the day! Thank you Laurell, and Crimson a death was awesome. Loving how far Nathaniel has come over the series.

  26. I could care less sports myself. But I will admit this was really cute. Thanks for the free story.

    Now about your height issue. Your claming 5.8 is tall is a bit of a stretch. I’m a woman who is 5.10 and I don’t concider myself tall. I’m just average height. I agree there are some tall people in the world. Even a few really, really tall people in the world. And I would say anyone over 6foot is tall. And anyone under 5foot is short. But anywhere’s between 5 and 6 feet is just average. Most people are in the 5foot or taller range.

  27. A very cute story. Cheered me right up and took my mind off this idiotic campaign. Have a great Holliday season I am a little early but oh well!
    Thank you for all of your stories I enjoy them all very much!

  28. Thank you it’s was a great story and I got a good laugh out of it and I shared it to my sister and friends !

  29. I loved it! I had to go see if the curse was real and was pleasantly surprised it was! Anita Blake is my favorite. I love how you give so much detail into her life!

  30. Who knew?! All this time it would only take a zombie, a goat, and Anita to bring the Cubbies back to life. You made my day with this story. Thanks a million!

  31. So…have there ever been any mentions of non-humanoid zombies in Anita stories before? Is this just a cute short story Hamilton wrote and showed to us to get her, and our minds off things-or is it sly foreshadowing? Will there be a off-hand parenthetical reference to this in two books, and then randomly and unexpectedly we will have a plot-important animal-zombie in book #30?
    I am becoming increasingly convinced that Blake is an extremely untrustworthy narrator, but that Laurell is more of the proverbaly prepared Boy Scout than Edward, sneaking in foreshadowing and world-building for things ten books down the line: little hints, possibilities, scraps of information, and early glimpses of powers and players that Anita might forget and we overlook but are critical to stories still in their earliest, dream-draft form.

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