Gun Control and Gun Rights 

Jun 29, 2016

I’ve started several blogs about recent events in our country and the question of gun control vs gun rights, and then I found this wonderful blog by Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert.  I think he says many of the things I’ve been struggling to express.  I hope he doesn’t mind that I put up a link to his blog while I continue to fight with my own words on the subject.

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  1. Honestly, as a independent and not as a Democrat or Republican, I loved when I used to shoot small arms in the military when I served. Now that I am out, I really have no desire to ever owning a firearm. I don’t understand why people feel that they need to carry a gun on them at all times. Are they that paranoid?! I can understand owning a gun for home protection or for sport, but you don’t need a gun to go grocery shopping or to a restaurant or to a movie. Also, people DO NOT need assault rifles!!! Assault rifles are for ending people’s lives. They are NOT for hunting or for home protection. Get a shotgun. Only military and law enforcement should have access to assault rifles.

    1. I’m sorry Laurell, the only people who have assault rifles are the military. My AR 15 shots one bullet at a time, with each trigger pull, so does my semi auto pistol. The AR stands for Arma lite Rifle. That is the company who came up with it. My AR is NOT fully automatic, those are illegal for the most part. Assault Rifle is a made up term, made up by the media and politicians. The AR is used for many things, such as hunting, target shooting and yes, home defense.

      1. Sorry Christine, but Assault Rifle is not a term “made up” by politicians and media. it was introduced by the weapon manufacturers themselves in the late 80’s and into the early 90’s. It was used to describe a civilian version of a military weapon. Now that the focus has changed (including the ban which expired in 2005, you should also note that 2005 was the year mass shootings started to skyrocket) the manufacturers are backtracking the terminology, and calling them ‘sport rifles’. My thought? If you want one of these as a civilian, you undertake a term in an official militia (known as the National Guard) and take proper training. It’s enough of a deterrent for casuals, and serves a greater fully worded second amendment purpose. Or we could just ban the sale of them again… I prefer the former to the latter.

        1. I am also sorry to answer this but “assault rifle” term comes from German “Sturm gewehr”. Which translated means “assault rifle/weapon”. Germans were the first to invent assault rifles. To quote wikipedia: “Germans were the first to pioneer the assault rifle concept, during World War II, based upon research that showed that most firefights happen within 400 meters and that contemporary rifles were over-powered for most small arms combat.” So assault rifles really were made to shoot people, and for combat situations where there is so much smoke that (or you would not be anyway able to hit anything beyond 400 m, which I can say from experience is actually quite hard). I went to the Finnish army and had my fun shooting with the Finnish version of the AK-47 (otherwise was really boring, except when I was doing bioweapons-related research). I do love the loving attention that LKH always gives weapons-related things. I am not into guns but it is påretty impressive none the less.

        2. Sorry, “Assault Weapon” is LITERALLY a made-up term, referring to a set of ‘scary’ features that anti-gun groups focused on in the early 1990’s: Pistol grips, removable high-capacity magazines, flash hiders, bayonet lugs, folding stocks, and so on. Doesn’t actually refer to any single weapon at all, except where congress decided to actually name one or two in the bill. And how did that work out?

          There is not a single signifigant functional difference whatsoever between a 10-22, a mini-14 ruger, and an AR-15. None.
          Nearly all modern civilian weapons are semi automatic, have a removable magazine, and fire one time when you pull the trigger.
          Because this term means literally nothing, the “assault weapon ban” actually was forced to list the presence of groups of those scary features or gun names to hang the law on, as the means to identify supposed AWs. The gun companies removed one or two features, and kept RIGHT ON MAKING THOSE GUNS under NEW names that were not named in the ban. The TEC-9 became the AB-10 (aka the “After Ban 10”) and remained in FULL production. The Olympic Arms PCR (“Politically Correct Rifle”) was simply an AR clone with a pretty stock and no bayonet lug or flash hider, and therefore totally legal. Good job.
          What sort of ban is that?

          How many lives could a cosmetic band-aid of a ban really fix?
          Those “scary” guns you are ranting about are now the best selling guns in the US, and if you lump in all US rifles fatalities, including those AWs you are worried about, they are the lowest group of guns taking lives in this country. They killed about 600 people this past year, a few more citizens than bees and lightning managed to kill.
          Good job Mr. President: people always want what you try to take away.

          Note that “Assault weapon” and “Assault rifle” are not the same thing.
          The term “Assault Rifle” refers to select fire (automatic, machine-gun-type) military rifles and has since WW2, as Pekka mentions. Let me point out that civilians in this country CAN own fully-automatic guns and many do, but out of the many tens of thousands in civilian hands today, only one has ever been used in a crime by the proper owner.
          “Assault rifle” is an actual descriptive term for a gun designed to allow a few soldiers to lay down supressive fire and deal with a large agressor force.

          “Assault weapon” doesn’t mean a damn thing and never did.

        3. AR is not an assault weapon or rifle. It stands for Armalite. It is a brand name, like levi, coco chanel, coach, mercedes, buick, toyota…… Guns come in different styles such as single action, double action, semi automatic, and automatic. Automatic are weapons such as the M60, M16, AK57, although both the ak57 and m16 can be switched to semi-automatic. When someone says assault weapon/rifle what they are generally refering to is a fully automatic weapon. One in which you pull the trigger and the weapon continues to fire until the trigger is released or you run out of ammo. A semi automatic includes pistols and rifles. Such as the colt 1911 a .45 cal pistol. It will fire each time you pull the trigger and a proficient individual can pull the trigger at a very high rate. With a semi automatic you have no need to load the bullet into the chamber such as a bolt action rifle , the weapon loads the next bullet as it discharges the fired round. Semi automatics are the predominate gun choice today. An AR15 is the exact same weapon that a traditional hunting .223 rifle is. Only difference is it’s outworldly appearance. It may be physically dressed like an M16, but it is not capable of automatic firing like an M16. Just as a Nissan 280z was designed to “look” like a corvette, it is not a corvette. There is not one single incident involving Automatic Weapons/Assault Rifles in many decades. Sandy Hook, Orlando, SC, Colorado, etc, etc, etc have been with semi automatic rifles with no more firepower or capability than a hunting rifle. If you wish to have meaningful and constructive conversation in America about “gun” control, you have to first know what you are talking about. My personal opinion is we have a people problem, not a gun problem.

    2. Because we live in an unsafe world. I am a single woman who lives on the ground floor( which is what I like) and there have been break ins in my rather safe inner city neighborhood in Minneapolis. I need to be able to protect myself. I f you don’t want a gun, then don’t own one. No one is forcing you. That doesn’t mean I should not own one. It also doesn’t mean that a crime can not happen while I am on my way to grocery shopping. My aunt is only alive today because she is a gun owner, as three young men broke into her home, and were in the process of beating up her boyfriend when she came downstairs armed and shot one. And she lives in a very nice neighborhood. Have you ever heard of “slippery slope”? What do you mean don’t need? Do gay people need to get married? I doubt they would perish if they could not, but they should be allowed to in my opinion. So same here.

    3. As a former member of the armed service, frankly I’d expect you to understand situational preparedness as well as the difference between an “assault rifle” (read fully automatic weapon) such as an M4 and civilian AR-15 type rifles. The fact that you do not understand these simple concepts leads me to believe that you either were never engaged in a combat role, or that you fell victim to the disappointing lack of military readiness as demonstrated by the current administration.

    4. My wife was assaulted by three men on her way home from work. She was bicycling, it was winter and she was in a safe neighborhood. Having been in the army and having learned to shoot there, I took it upon myself to teach and arm her. She now carries a compact 10mm glock at all times.

      Do not tell me a person does not need to carry at all times. Do not tell me that my wife is being paranoid. I know of a half dozen women among our friends and family that have been assaulted, raped or coerced in their lifetimes.

      You speak like a sheep. I prefer to be a sheepdog. I prefer our country to be filled with people that have a mentality of self reliance, self protection and self responsibility. To train to be these things. Active rather then passive.

      Assault weapons are meant to kill people. If I were in New Orleans during the flood (or in any urban area during a riot) I would have wanted one. Not a shoot gun (too indiscriminate), an assault rifle. To suggest that a person defending their home against looters (as happened in New Orleans) is not trying to kill human beings (albeit in defense) is child-like and naive.

      I am a life long liberal. This does not mean I believe we should blindly trust our government. All you need to do is study history to know that a government controls its population, in part, by controlling that population’s access to force. It is a very bad idea to allow ANY government, no matter how benign, to control access to its population’s force. It may never use that force, but simply the fact that the population has the ability to resist, offsets the ruling class’ ability to control in an undemocratic fashion. As long as we have a government, ANY government, an armed and educated population is a healthy balance.

      Try to train and educate instead of repress rights.

  2. Have you ever been physically accosted in a parking lot after work or while going for a walk? Until you have, don’t tell me that I don’t need a gun for protection when out in public. The police arrive to “help” AFTER the incident and not one second before it or during it. Don’t want to carry gun? Then don’t. It is a personal choice and no one is forcing you to do so.

  3. I am pro gun. If we give up our gun rights then only criminals will have guns. That is a scary thought. Oh, and police. Criminals and police…and that hasn’t gone well for other countries, in so many instances. Many people have died in places where only criminals and governments have guns. I like living. I like living free. I like knowing I can have the ability to defend myself if I need to. I am very pro 2nd amendment. And I’m neither a Dem or a Repub. I guess I’m an Independent, because I’m somewhere in the middle.

  4. I’m in uk. No guns allowed at all to public unless farmers or grouse shooting. Look at our gun crime records for shootings at schools at cinemas and shopping centres and tell me carrying a gun at all is for your safety. If no one has guns no gun crime. No parents getting to see their kids dead body spread all over tv. No officer involved wrongful shooting. If you have gun be prepared to be shoot by trained police on sight as you are a criminal and only criminals go out in public with guns.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Criminals aren’t giving up their guns, legal or not. Most of them aren’t even supposed to have them anyway, but they still do.

        1. Chicago has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country. Last year alone more people were killed by gun violence in Chicago than died in Iraq . Every weekend dozens are killed yet you never hear about it on the news. Last month 415 were shot ages 5-65. Since July 1. 26 have been killed. No one talks about it Because it proves the gun control narrative is screwed up. If gun control laws worked then there should not be that kind of violence in Chicago. Obamas former Chief of Staff is Mayor so where is the outrage ? Why doesn’t anyone care about all the black people being murdered there? 50 gay people are murdered by a terrorist and everyone losses their minds. That’s a couple of weekends in Chicago and children are regularly caught in the cross fire. Those aren’t people who legally bought guns doing the killing. If you want to stop this, It always helps to have police who aren’t scared to do their jobs because the city won’t back them. I bet police don’t even go into the areas where the shooting are happening. Don’t believe me go to it’s not the law abiding gun owners that are the problem. It the terrorist, criminals and crazy people

        2. You do realize that the criminals get their guns by stealing them from the law-abiding citizens, private gun sales that require no background checks, or purchasing them from places like a pawn shop where they don’t bother with those pesky regulations. Criminals don’t get their guns delivered by a magic bad guy gun fairy.

          1. There will always be a black market in America for criminals to get guns. Think back to prohibition days…bootleggers snuck in booze. Same difference. If someone wants it, if there is a demand for it, if people will pay enough for it, someone will always make a way to have it available and for sale. It ain’t pretty, but don’t you think for a second that it isn’t true.

          2. Pawn shops have to run your information for purchase of a firearm. The only time they don’t have to is whenever you have a concealed weapons permit, if where you live allows you to have said permit.
            A criminal will find a way to get a weapon no matter what. I personally went through the process of getting my concealed weapons permit because I venture into the larger city near me for concerts and I have known many people that have been accosted at gun point after a concert.
            We were given the right to bear arms by the BILL OF RIGHTS . Deal with it or leave.
            On a final note, I am former military and I have always supported the right to bear arms and our president. Now I just support the right to bear arms ( until we get a competent president)

    1. That’s why your the UK and we are America as I stated before we do not like to be controlled by our government, we have never bowed to a monarch. Last bunch of people who went door to door and took our guns caused this little thing call the Revolutionary War. Though our histories are interlinked we are very different than you. When making comparisons you compare England with America yet England is the size of Alabama one of our fifty states and hardly the largest. Our history is of individual rights, self improvement and individual accomplishment that’s serves the country. That’s why we became the most powerful nation on earth. When our leaders forget that and try to make us like you and Europe, that’s when we falter and become weak. Your way works for you ours works for us and our guns and disagreements about them is what makes us who we are. The terrorist are coming for both of us, so we will keep our guns and maybe you guys should buy some of the ones you manufacture. Your second largest export is arms, you guys sure preach about it but make s heck of a profit off it. That actually sounds kind of American good for you.

    2. That may be so in the UK but in the US there are already too many guns in the hands of criminals. If a gun ban were to go into affect it would only strip the law abiding citizens of their guns. the millions of guns in the hands of criminals would be unaffected. All a ban would do is increase the amount of gun violence not reduce it. Right now criminals know that the people have the right to keep and bear arms and that if they try something they may face someone who can defend themselves.

    3. Ditto Edward. I’m an Aussie gun enthusiast and entirely agree with you. I have no need for a gun at home, so until I own acreage I won’t bother with one.

  5. We will not move forward if we keep having discussions about Gun Violence, Gun Restrictions, and Gun Rights. We need to start having discussions about how to reduce VIOLENCE.

    If you have cholesterol issues, you don’t get better by saying you can no longer eat pepperoni pizza. What you need to do is improve your diet to reduce all fatty foods – also known as, getting to the cause of the problem, not one facet. We will move forward as a country if we start having discussions about how to reduce violence, not just a particular brand of violence.

  6. If we are telling our thoughts of how we personally would like to see gun control, than my opinion would be this.
    If you are not trained to operate and properly use a firearm along with storing it and it’s amuntion then you should not be able to have a gun in your posesion. Regardless of if you are 18 or 120 years old. I also think that people should have psychological testing and a proper background check before they are allowed to go through the training to obtain a gun. This may not be a perfect way to do it but it may be a start.
    I also believe that drivers should have to take a mandatory driving test after they turn 50 and every 10 years after just like you do when you first get you license (you know actually inside a car). A car can be an even more deadly weapon than a gun. But that it just my thoughts, I have taken care of people who can hardly walk and barely see that still have a valid drivers license but haven’t taken a driving test in 49 years. Anyway, if you need a gun to feel safe, just be sure you think it through and do your research. And if it takes a gun for you to feel safe you may want to rethink where you live or who you are surrounding yourself with.

  7. I think what people fail to remember is that the second amendment was included to protect us from the one thing the colonist feared the most- the government. A government can never fully suppress an armed citizenry. The Declaration of Independence clearly states ” That whenever any form of government becomes destructive towards these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and institute a new Government,” and ” But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” It’s time to stop talking about guns and talk about the real problem, the people who want to kill us, the people who pull the triggers. The Islamist terrorist hate us because we have freedom. We let women vote, write books, pick their own husbands and think for themselves. They hate gay people and Jewish people just because they exist. I take my gun to the grocery store, movie theater, nail salon and every other soft target I go to, because when they go after the innocent Americans around me I won’t run and hide I will stop them with my gun.

  8. As a belgian, I really can’t get the american love for guns, I really tried to. The only thing I see are the numbers, when there are less guns, there are less chances to be killed.If you’re afraid to be attacked by someone with a gun, make it harder for people to get one. The article I read said that there is no easy answer, sure a gun can be used to defend yourself but the fact that everyone has one makes you more in danger. One mass shooting a day, think about it, in wich other country in peace can you see that ? You’re more likely to be shot by your fellow citizens than by a terrorist.Do you think you’re safer because you have a gun ? The problem is that one person with mental illness got one two and he could shoot you before you even get what is happening.
    Of course very country has his own issues I’m not judging and I know I wouldn’t have the right to do so.
    (Sorry if m’y English isn’t quite on point …)

    1. 19 dead and 25+ injured by someone with a knife in Japan.
      Banning weapons will never work and never has.

      You can be “safe” and let Big Brother take care of you and wipe your nose and maake the trains run on time, or you can be really free and get used to the very scary idea that “freedom” includes “the freedom to screw up badlyand fail”.
      There are still people in this world who want the freedom we have in the US enough to fight to get over here and earn it, like Lily Tang Williams, who came here from China after Tienamen Square.Her position could not be more clear, and could not be more American:

      Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one.
      The next time some asshole steamrolls Belgium again, I’m sure we will be able to help you out, because no one in his right mind will be trying that invasion crap over here.

      1. 1. One or two examples aren’t representative. How often does Japan have to deal with mass murder even with smaller act of violence?
        2. Let’s talk about freedom. Your freedom stops where the freedom of someone else begins and certainly when safety is in count. You can say you have the right to act like you want to but if you kill someone you still go to prison . US took so much time to legalize federally gay marriage and that you have some states having trouble figure out who should go to wich bathroom even though those questions aren’t life or death issues. This is why I don’t get your love for guns because the main argument is often about freedom but you’re not free to smoke cannabis, prostitution is illegal but you do have the right to bear guns ( yes legalizing prostitution get prostitutes safer) so I don’t get it. Kinder surprise are illegal in US because the government is worried that children would swallow it but when it comes to guns, it’s ok to endanger everyone
        4. Fire weapons are meant to shoot people. It’s not like killing was a side effect of guns. Still homicide is a crime so I don’t get why owning one is legal…
        3. You have one of the greatest army in the world. This is why you would be able to help (I hope) not because you have a gun at home.

        And I’m still not judging I just don’t get the logic behind your aguments. I hope everything I wrote is understandable. I hope you and your family will be safe with or without a gun because at the end of the day, it’s the only thing about this issue that matters to me .

  9. As is obvious from the differing opinions stated here – everyone’s individual mileage varies. I won’t own a gun for one simple reason: I have inherited my families tendency towards depression, and will not take that chance.

    What I would really like is a nation-wide dialog free of bromides. Though I am not a middle of the road person, that’s our country seems to function best: I’m not totally happy, you’re not totally happy, but we inch forward all the same.

    All that seems to happen now, re: everything; everyone shouts.

  10. Good grief, I read the article, then started reading through the comments, and bullet-ridden logic holes most (it seems) pro-gun factions don’t consider:

    1. The whole, “if guns were banned, only criminals would have guns”–overdone, trite, and wrong. Then they bring up Chicago–where I live and was born and raised–near Humboldt Park, an area with high gang activity on the West Side. What you don’t take into account is that, much like drugs, which get funneled in from other countries (like Mexico and S. America), guns are often brought in from other cities and states (around Chicago, such as IN) that have more lax (or non-existent) GC laws.

    2.The 2 most negative-prolific usage of guns: 1) Nearly all mass shootings since Columbine have been done by white males–both school shootings as well as cases where ex-military were involved. 2) Yet, when people bring up Chicago, they are thinking of the gang violence, where it is mainly black, lower income gangbangers doing random killing in their neighborhoods. Both types of shootings are done for different reasons, in the main, and can’t be looked at the same way, excepting that people end up dead in both cases. HOW ABOUT, if NO ONE had guns, then people who really want to, would then have to find other methods to do it, and could be more easily stopped (e.g.–someone w/a knife vs. a gun). I believe that most people who think they could kill with a gun, would balk at killing with a knife or with any other kind of up close weapon.

    3. In many peoples’ heads who want guns, the reason is simply: Power. Power over someone’s life and death, because that what it comes down to, whether for protection or aggression purposes. In the back of their brains, most people who get one for either of those purposes think it’ll be a “cool” and (ha) safe way to kill someone–because it’s a (literal and psychological) distance weapon that can take out multiple targets in a short period of time. Unlike a knife, where you have to be up close, and takes more effort and skill to kill + more than one person. What isn’t taken into account is the fact that most people aren’t really prepared to take a life, and, even if they think they are, there’s no guarantee they wouldn’t be overpowered and had the gun turned on them.

    4. When Richard Matt and David Sweat (2 killers who escaped from max sec Upstate NY prison last year) ran, they were able to find, among other things, access to multiple firearms in an unlocked cabin. This only goes to show that just because you own, or can, doesn’t mean you’ll be responsible about it, and ONE moment of irresponsibility or ignorance can cost many lives. THAT’S what the lesson from all those mass shootings from Columbine on should teach us. Because ONE gun has the potential for so much collateral damage, they should be regulated with the kind of respect that deserves. And semi-auto/automatic weapons are for killing. Period. It’s not one’s right to own guns I disagree with, it’s one’s right to own a type of gun that’s specially designed to kill more and faster than is needed for protection purposes–unless you live in the Mid East.

    5. To borrow from and amend a saying: While correlation may seem to imply causation, correlation does not always equal causation. MEANING: more guns may seem to some to equal more crime, more guns also doesn’t mean more protection. Because too often, all those really bad incidents that occur don’t have some big talker with the skills to take out the bad guy. All that talk is only AFTER the fact. And again, there’s too often the chance that you’d be dead instead, or overpowered and have your gun taken and used against you or other innocent people.

    That’s all.

    1. According ton the FBI, we are well into a 50-year low in violent crime, despite a larger population, more crowding, and higher gun ownership than ever. The press loves to lead with a good bloody story, but the truth is that you are far more likely to get shot in Mexico or Canada than the US.
      A recent study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy concluded that there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and violent crime in countries internationally (more guns = less crime).
      Nations with strict gun control laws have substantially higher murder rates than those who do not in general. In fact, the 9 European nations with the lowest gun ownership rate have a combined murder rate 3x that of the 9 European nations with the highest gun ownership rate.
      How do you explain that, ZG?

      The rampant ignorance here is sad, so do some reading:

        1. Interesting. So someone redacted all NON GUN murders from the Harvard statistics, and then decided to use THOSE numbers to justify getting the opposite answer from the same data.
          Sure, if I have a gun and I want to kill you, I use the gun…but if all I have is a bat, I beat you to death. Why ignore those numbers, except to try to make a false case?
          Overall numbers say far more.
          It’s funny, but dead is still dead.

          In the US, our murder rate is 4.8 per 100000. VERY low.
          That places us 103rd for murder rate in countries worldwide, despite 88 per 100 gun ownership rates.
          Every day, 82 million families who own guns don’t shoot anyone. The civillian error rate for shootings is ONE FIFTH that of the police, and they killed nearly three times more actual criminals while they were at it. Why wouldn’t you trust the averige civilian?

          Meanwhile Honduras has 91 murders per 100000 with strong gun control. Mexico has 21.8 per 100000 despite strong gun control. Guns clearly aren’t the issue, or at least are not most of the real problem. Murderers find a weapon somewhere.
          Violent people are the issue, and they are perfectly happy to use other means when necessary: trucks, knives, bats, whatever. Ignoring those other murder weapons will not make those numbers go away.
          Look at the real numbers, not the finessed ones that pretend only guns kill people.

          Ignoring every other murder weapon’s contrubution worldwide to death rates in order to make a case for gun control is not only dishonest and seriously misleading, but pointless.

    2. I get that people not from America can’t possible understand our desire to keep our rights. I am not insulting or questioning your forms of government. But, even though you are democracies, you do not have the same level of freedom we do. I go to Europe once a week and have for many years, so please don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I watch the local news and follow cases. It amazes me what you can be arrested for in other countries. Saying certain words, having certain types of flags, or drawings, your court systems and more. Our freedoms are ingrained in us and only Americans who don’t understand the simple difference between us and the rest of the world try to curb them. If we use hateful speech, fly hateful flags or draw offensive pictures, we might get boycotted or punched, but not arrested. We have the freedom to assemble, freedom to speak our minds, our press cannot be infringed upon and it’s all with in our rights as Americans. Most of Europe were Monarchies or dictatorships then slowly progressed to Democracies. That’s great but you never had true and total freedom or as total as you can have without anarchy. We threw off the reigns of a King and wrote a Constitution that specifically prevents tyrants from coming into power ever again. The Constitution actually states that if the government was to over reach then we as a people should over throw them. Seriously, Our Constitution tells us to overthrow our government if it over reaches it’s power! Can you even imagine that? Sure were not perfect, I’m not saying were better, I am just saying we are different and it’s very difficult for others to understand. By giving up our gun rights we would be starting down a slippery slope and what would be next? We became the nation we are because of our freedoms and each time we give up a little of them we become weaker, easier to subjugate, easier to control. A government dictating every aspect of our lives is not freedom. If you don’t like guns don’t buy one, that’s you’r right.

  11. I wish we would stick to books on this website. As a Libertarian that should tell you where I stand on gun rights. Gun control to me means use both hands 😀 I wish we could just stick to books and leave politics and other stuff out of it. Can’t wait for the next Anita Blake!!!!

  12. It is so very Lovely that we all live in a country where we can speak ,say , or write what ever we want . It is our 1st Amendment in Our Bill of Rights.
    But remember, without the 2nd Amendment,you will Lose the 1st.
    And if you think I’m being an alarmist, then boys and girls just read the history books about the rise of the 3rd Reich. How Hitler, took away took away all of their guns,took away their free speech, and then took their LIVES.

  13. I am a gun owner. I do take my gun with me almost everywhere I go. I live in a small town and we have a big drug problem here. So yes I have a gun. I will not be a victim. I will never use my gun unless it is a life or death situation. People are going on and on about guns killing people but people kill people. They use whatever they can get there hands on to do it. Everyone talks about all the shootings that have happened but some of those could have been stopped if the parents had spent more time with there kids. One problem everyone is over looking is how the kids are being raised. When I was growing up if I did something wrong I got my tail spanked for it. Now it is all about giving the kids time outs and not spanking your kid. We have more disrespect and crime because of this. I have watched this happen. The teachers are afraid of the students because they have no authority over the students. People go on and on about gun control when the real problems start at home. You teach your kid respect and you will have a better adult. You will have someone who respects other people and will try to do what is right instead of what is easiest and just what they want to do because they can. We are slowly taking all the ways for the police to protect us so yes I own a gun. Because if the police have no way of protecting us then who will if all the guns are taken away? There are some people who think that we don’t need guns anymore they are wrong.

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