Love, Hate, Security, and the Writer

Aug 28, 2015

I’m on the plane flying from England to America. We’ve been gone for a month. It is the longest I have ever been away from home, except for the infamous tour for Narcissus in Chains which was twenty-six cities in twenty-eight days in October just after 9/11. I’ve never done another tour that was that long again. Part of it was the fact that no one seemed to know what to do at the airports. I got the business end of an automatic weapon pointed at me in St. Louis for trying to take a picture of airport security measures by a very nervous man in camflouge. He literally ordered me, “Don’t move, drop the camera!” It was like a comedy skit, except the gun was real and I said, “Yes, sir, but how do I not move and drop the camera?” I wasn’t trying to be funny, I was honestly not going to do anything to make him freak out more, the freak out level was high enough; thanks. 

I’m not sure what would have happened if another man dressed in camo with more rank on his shoulders hadn’t come up and told him to lower his weapon and explain himself. At that time I was still wearing the designer skirt outfits and high heels, so I looked like a lot of business travelers and very unlike a bad guy, though bad guys can be tricky and look like everybody else. 
The officer said, “No pictures in security.”

I said, “Okay, no pictures, got it, can I put my hands down now?”

“Yeah, and put the camera away.”

“Absolutely,” I said, happy to have orders I could comply with.
That pretty much set the tone for the tour. Jonathon would check the FAA report every morning trying to figure out what we were allowed to take on board and what was no longer allowed. At one airport they took our nail clippers as a weapon, at another they took my eyelash curler.
I said, “If I can take over the plane with an eyelash curler it deserves to be hijacked.” The desk attendant was not amused.
We were in San Fransisco for a bomb scare that closed the airport down for hours while we all stood in a line outside the building. The suspicious package turned out not to be all that suspicious, but by that time we’d gotten used to seeing people dressed like trees telling us what to do. Jonathon and I discussed options as we stood with our huge cart of luggage in case we saw the National Guardsmen run out of the building. A month on the road with no stop long enough for laundry, or dry cleaning, means it was a lot of luggage. We were going to use our suitcase pile as cover against the glass of the building behind us, depending on what part of the building we were creeping in line beside determined which side of the suitcase mountain we hid behind. Once the glass cleared, run like hell for the Jersey barriers and try to keep up with the Guardsmen. I remember really regretting the high heels for running possibilities.
This was also the tour that I was jumped by a disgruntled fan in the ladies room. A rather tall woman, she may have not been over six feet tall, but only seemed that tall after she slammed me up against the wall, and forced me in a corner (people often seem taller when they’re threatening you). She was angry about the new book, angry about Anita having sex with someone that wasn’t Richard, and angry with me for adding new men to her life, and basically not happy with the way my series had turned in book ten, Narcissus in Chains. Lucky for me I’d talked to a police friend ahead of time due to some other threats online, and took his advice to heart.
Never argue with the crazy person, never, ever destroy their delusion, just agree with it, or they could grow more violent. Okay, I told the crazy woman that I was unhappy with the way the series had gone, too. I’d written Richard to marry Anita, and I hated that they weren’t working better as a couple. I wasn’t happy about the greater sexual content, either. I agreed with pretty much everything she said, and she finally blinked at me, fists lowering to her sides. Why? Because most people want to be the good guys, and that means they want their victim to do something to give them an excuse to up the violence. They need to blame the victim, she made me do it, it was her fault, so they don’t have to see themselves as the villain. 
I didn’t give her an excuse, or a “reason” to hurt me more, so she wandered away. She didn’t stay for the signing. I actually didn’t tell Jonathon what had happened until after we did the Q & A and signing, I think I was in shock. I mean someone had attacked me because my fictional character had dumped her favorite fictional boyfriend, Richard. It was too surreal, nonsensical even; I mean, who does violence because they don’t like how an author is writing her own series? As it turns out, more than you’d think.
The woman who attacked me was the only one who actually did something actively violent on that tour, thank goodness, but she wasn’t the only one that was furious about the new book and the new man in Anita Blake’s life. We had the angriest and rudest questions on this tour – ever. This was the beginning of fans asking how well-endowed my husband was, yeah you read that right. The first time they ask it, you’re just shocked, now, we’re sort of used to it. We’ve even managed to turn it into a light hearted moment when someone asks on tour, because it’s asked at least once every tour. Jonathon helps me make it into a joke, and no, we don’t answer the question. Nor do I answer the question for Jean-Claude, Richard, or Micah, which are almost always the men that they ask size on. I say, “If they were real, and truly my boyfriends, I wouldn’t tell you how well endowed they are,” or, “I don’t kiss and tell.”
This was also the first tour that someone called Anita and me a whore. Again, shocking the first time, now my answer is to the nice lady (always a lady) as she clutches her signed book to her chest (they always wait until I sign the book first) and leans in so most of the other fans won’t overhear, is, “Whore implies that a person takes money for sex. Neither Anita, nor I, take money so technically we’re not whores.” The woman blinks at me, thinks it through, then nods, agrees with me, and walks away satisfied in some way. Slut is a little more complicated, but that happens, too. I’ve got my answer for that one, but you get the idea.
Almost all the really rude or angry questions in the open Q & A stopped once we had visible security with us on tour, which means everyone chose to be mean, chose to vent their rage my direction. On the Narcissus tour I had so many people angry that Anita dumped Richard that I actually reread the scene I’d written, convinced I must be remembering it wrong. Nope, Richard dumps Anita, not the other way around, but a certain portion of the fans didn’t see it that way.  
I have had other threats, against me and people I love. Enough that we’ve had the authorities of various flavors involved over the last decade and change. I remember one local detective when we went to him with some threats people had been so incautious as to leave up where we could get a print out of them:
“Did you write about their families?”


“You wrote something religious they didn’t agree with?”



“I write about vampires, zombies and werewolves, oh my, which is about as fictional as you can get.”

“And they want to kill you because of it?”

“Apparently,” I said.

He looked at me, shook his head, and said, “That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard.”

I’ve since learned that you never want to be on a police officer’s list of, craziest, or worst thing, they’ve ever seen, heard, smelled, walked in, or experienced.
The police told me not to write about any of the above all those years ago because it might spread the craziness, but there comes a point where you just say, enough. I got well and truly spooked when all this was happening. I remember standing in a book store realizing that they knew what I looked like, but I didn’t know what they looked like, and feeling incredibly vulnerable. That was the year that I, ‘saw the elephant’ as they used to say of pioneers who tried to go West but went back East because it was just too much. Seeing the elephant means you’ve seen something so big, so frightening and unexpected, that you give up. I didn’t give up touring. I got security. I didn’t give up writing my book series the way I wanted to write it or the way the characters wanted it written – I hit the gym and got my carry permit. I started dressing more aggressively with the rockstar-stomp-your-ass boots, and my on stage persona got much more aggressive, too. I took my cue from stand up comedians and have now backed down mean-spirited fans from coast to coast, because verbal heckling will be met kind for kind. 
I’m glad that so many of you love my books and that my characters seem so real to you that you are emotionally invested. I never pictured ever being the #1 Best Selling Book in the country, or being #1 on the New York Times List, or Publisher’s Weekly, or USA Today. I never dreamed of being translated into more than twelve languages, or selling millions of books. I never imagined that I’d be able to keep my family in the style to which they’ve become accustomed just from writing fiction. Most writers don’t even make minimum wage, and here I am. It’s pretty awesome, and totally unexpected. Thank you for reading and loving my books so much that my imaginary friends have become your friends, too. 99% of my fans are the nicest, best people on the planet. You are amazing! So why talk about that fraction of a fraction of a percentage? Because I’m ready to talk about it, and because maybe reading this will help someone else, either save another author from enduring this, or make a fan that could tip from positive to negative a rethink. Haters are going to hate, nothing changes that, this isn’t aimed at the haters, but the people who see the hate and think, “Oh, it’s just words. They’re not doing any harm.” Really? That’s the same reasoning that people who tell lynching jokes, say, “I’m not racist, it’s just a joke.” But if just one person hears the joke and they are a racist, you’ve just confirmed for them that they aren’t alone, because you’re like them, you’re a racist too, because otherwise you wouldn’t have said that joke. And if you’re very unlucky, the racist that hears you make the joke is insane enough to think if you joke about it, maybe it would be all right to do it for real. Trust me, the crazies are out there listening for enough echoes of their delusion to turn their violent thought into real life action. Still think your hate mongering online doesn’t do any harm? Well, then I can’t help you, you go on hating; as for me, I know that people are listening for someone to make them feel less crazy, to make them feel justified, to make it okay that they do something awful – you told them it was okay, because you hate just like they do.

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  1. Wow! Just want to say THANK YOU for the Anita Blake series, I LOVE IT. The writing is awesome and the characters are phenomenal! Looking forward to more. The city of Indianalpolis would like to be a stop on a signing tour….

    1. Some people are truly crazy. This sort of thing must be incredibly scary for you especially in the world we live in today. Glad you did not listen to the police who told you to quit writing!

  2. I honestly do not understand people reacting like this. It breaks my heart to hear that there are people in the world who would do these things to an author just over what was written in a book. I’m really invested in the series, i cry and mourn and laugh and rage. Sure i’ve almost thrown the books a few times (mostly because of Richard…) but never in my wildest dreams would i ever even think of yelling at you for it, or doing anything worse than that.I don’t know what would compel someone into those actions. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with it.

  3. I am so sorry, events such as those fill me with sadness. Your books are amazing and deserve only praise and recognition. Please never stop writing Anita or Merry, my reading list would become boring.

    A big fan

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I’m so sorry that you gave a gift to the world and have had to suffer for it. But I will say this made me admire you even more. There is nothing more impressive than facing adversity and becoming stronger for it. You’re an amazing woman!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift. I enjoy so much getting to hang out in your imagination from time to time. It is really unfortunate that you or any other individual should have that kind of hate directed at them. Kudos for not letting those people dictate how and if you share with those that love what you do.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences. And thank you for pointing out how a racist joke that may be “funny” between friends can go horribly wrong. This is a new way to think about it that I will happily share with others who mean no harm but….
    I love all the characters and twists. I like the fact that I can’t predict what will happen next. Would it have been nice to see Anita and Richard get married, sure. But this roller coaster you have us on is so much more fun than a nice simple, happy marriage!
    Thank you for all you go through to keep bringing us these amazing works of art!

  7. And has anyone read “Mercy” or seen the movie, art imitates life more than you would imagine.
    Love the books, keep writing as long as you can.

  8. Didn’t realize you faced such problems, must admit it’s probably these experiences that give your books a believable quality. Thank you for being so brave. Love and prayers to you and yours.

  9. I guess with fame comes aggression. I personally love the books. There have been times when I’ve had to put down your book and regroup. There have been times I couldn’t put down the book. That’s why I love your books. I’ve never read a series that has captured my attention in so many different ways: sexual desires, romance, friendship, enemies, love, hate… You’ve managed to create characters that I cried to see go. I’m so relieved you found strength in all this negative because your true fans, like myself, would hate to lose such a kick ass author.

  10. You are an amazing author. I have read everything I can get my hands on that you have written! I can see where you would get heckled by people for some of the turns the books have taken but you know what? They are awesome and lead to very interesting things. I do not know if you have ever done a small town tour but we, myself, my friends, my in-laws, and everyone else I have suggested your books to would love to see you visit Medford, Oregon.

  11. Thank you. I read all your books as fast as I can buy them, and honestly; I prefer Nita away from Richard. He strikes me as one of those guys who will never be happy unless their little woman makes them center of attention, drops everything for them, and then when that’s still not enough for him; he could get abusive. I’ve got my own version of Micha, looking for some one to be our Nathaniel. I could never stay with a man like Richard grew to be. Yes, you have crazy fans, but if I ever find out you are in my area, I’d volenteer to be a body guard! All I’d ask is a hug and a pic together. I’ve got my partner and several other guys reading your series, as well as multiple other females hooked on you. So please, write what you want, what the characters want, not what the crazies want. As an avid reader, I see when you fight to write, it is reflected in the books. When you just let it flow, I’m lost, engrossed in that book until such s time as I am forced out or turn the last page. When you fight to make the characters match your ideas, I escape the book easier. Your books inspire many to look beyond what society dictates as normal, so that we find what makes us happy, rather than fighting to look happy living in a bland vanilla version of what we really want. Please, stay healthy, stay happy, stay safe, and continue to share those visions in your mind on pages for us to love too.
    With much love,
    Jamie Black

  12. As I’ve aged, grown up, I’ve realized that some of the things I’ve said in the past have been terribly bigoted toward different groups, groups that I truly hold no animosity for. As soon as I realized that my behavior was an issue, I changed it. Hopefully others that have grown up in a family that thought these things were okay to say or do will get hit with the epiphany tree that hit me, and will also change their ways. There are commercials about changing the world so that there is no smoking in teens, but personally I think there are so many other things that need changed first!!! Hopefully humanity as a whole can work on that together.

  13. I was reading some posts by Nora Roberts about the problem of fans thinking they can tell you how to write your books. I was once trapped in a room at a convention panel discussion with a superfan group for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and they went waaaaay out there discussing the characters as if they were real, and then got mad at me (including the show writers on the panel) when I commented how real the characters apparently seemed to the fans. (I never even watched Buffy, I wandered into the wrong room.) Sheesh! I’m a writer of fiction myself and my characters give me enough trouble going off in their own direction. I don’t want anybody else telling me how the story goes. I always tell people like that to write their own stories, for heaven’s sake, and discover how it doesn’t always go like you planned.

  14. after reading this article, I can say I am truly ashame. I got a little fanatical about Anita & Richard’s relationship & her obtaining many lovers. I originally fell in love with Anita because she was a badass, and so different from any other character I’ve read. Like many of Laurell’s fans the lines separating fiction from reality became blurred. I would argue with my good friend, who is also an author, until I can chew nails & some times wouldn’t speak to her for weeks. I want to attribute the insanity to the skills of the author. That she makes her characters so real, so lovable, that they seem real & apart of your life. But like Laurell said, crazy is crazy! Even though you don’t know me from Adam, Mrs. Hamilton, I apologize, but I will always remain a loyal fan.


  15. I made a joke at one of your signings in Seattle and Jonathon responded about a pie.. He was right, for that second I forgot we were not friends, you are the writer and I am the reader and fan. From what you write and post about your life, lets fans into your world, just a little. You don’t know anything about me, nor would I expect you too. I actually was rooting for gorgeous hot vampire before you had them in bed together. Keep writing, start a different book, different story if you want, I for one will read it.. by the way, I loved the pie reference…

  16. I am sorry that some crazies have put you through that. However I am glad you have taken steps for your own protection! I for one love your books and know I can’t be alone based on your sales. Keep writing and I hope to get the opportunity to meet you someday at a signing.

  17. Amen the crazys are out there and as little encouragement as a hello or even just saying the wrong thing.

  18. Well that explains a lot. Your writing and Anita became more aggressive after Narcissis in Chains. Your right hateful speech or writing can hurt. All it takes is one crazy to let loose and you have people dead. I look forward to your next book. I do have to say I prefer the police procedural aspect over the sex. But despite that you are the only author whose books I buy in hardcover and keep (I end up buying in ebook too so I can take them with me).

  19. Love your books, read the series too many times to confess. But.. I will confess I am a selfish reader. I love the little tidbits I see in the acknowledgement pages, what is posted on FB and each writer’s blogs, but… I really don’t CARE if I see those. I CARE that my beloved authors write. I love the different sources each writer uses to write the books I love. But I really don’t mind of my writers remain faceless drones. (Sorry). I love to read, I adore long series of either same character with DEVELOPMENT or related characters. I adore Anita Blake, I found her about 3 books after Narcissus in Chains. Two friends recommended the series and I out read both of them. The ONLY issue I have w/ you is that your blog is written on a dark background w/ white print, it messes up my vision for about 30 minutes after reading (my issue not yours) otherwise, I love your blogs, they are usually extremely informative, or funny or tear rendering, I am NEVER bored by them, I love writers who don’t bore me. Some writers do boring books, some writers don’t. You may leave loose ends, but you don’t bore. Thanks for your hard work, it is totally appreciated. I don’t go to author signings, or writer deals or anything like that, I just kind of stay home and devour books.

  20. Wow! So sorry u had such a crazy trip but very glad you have arrived safe. Hard to think that some fans get so upset because of what direction you take your characters. Those of us who are serious readers of your series do become so familiar with the characters as to make them real people in our minds which is a definite tribute to you. I love all the characters and the only one that I can say really pissed me off was of course Richard – I thought if he would only get out of his own way Anita and he could have a really hot relationship. But I certainly wouldn’t think about hurting you or sending hate mail. Plus you create serious thought provoking plots too but I wouldn’t want less sex considering the bloodline Jean-Claude comes from. Keep on writing girl cuz I sure would miss you. I’ve spent too much money the last year on books so decided to take a break and re read your series. Only got about 3 more to go and it’s even better the second time around. Thanks for all you have given your fans. Would love to meet you . Take care.

  21. Hi Laurell. Love all your books. Keep them coming. I became a police officer at age 40. It’s tough enough being a female police officer at any age but being older, petite (5’4″), and new on the job was quite a challenge. Many times I caught myself asking “What would Anita do?” Seems silly but it helped. Thanks for the inspiration. After 9 years on the local force here in upstate New York, I decided I didn’t need to risk my life every day since my children were now grown. (I only took the job to support my 2 children after my divorce.) Now I’m a 911 dispatcher and I plan on reading all your books again. Like I said, keep them coming. You’re awesome!

  22. Thank you for sharing this!

    I was surprized to read about all that you went through!!
    You are so brave, I would have pissed my pants if a guy pointed a gun at me. Can you really point a gun at someone for carrying a camera? that is so wrong.

    About the fan violence maybe you can encourage them to write their own fan fiction with the happy ending of their choice. Only a real life story can’t be changed.

    Best of luck to you 🙂 I liked your last book!

  23. I feel the need to say I’m sorry that you have had to deal with this sort of thing. Life is to short and precious to waste hating the things we have no control over.

  24. Laurell, I have read all of your books so far. Each decision that you have made makes sense.

    For fiction: Throw in some magic and things change. The world goes on and it doesn’t matter what happens in it. It’s called fiction for a reason. But I have grown to love your characters like family. Like other long time stories your characters are 3 dimensional. That’s why we love them so much.

    For real life: I’m sorry that you were attacked. There are a lot of crazy in the world. The measures you have taken also make sense. I hope that it never happens again. If we met and you told me this story I would hug you for comfort. Since that can’t happen. *Hugs.*

    For you: you are a fantastic writer. Keep up the great work. Your world is vast and I would love to see more of it. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking that way.

    Lastly, peace to you and yours.

  25. Thank you. I appreciate the time you take to write your blogs. I enjoy the way you write. Glad you’re home safe and sound. Bright Blessings.

  26. Sorry Laurell didn’t know there were people attacked u over ur books.I don’t always like what happens in the books either but i wouldn’t go crazy over it.Geeeeeesssssss get a grip people they’re fictional people.Love your books.

  27. I love your books. I have been reading them since 2009 and the fact that you can write these character’s for us so we can imagine them is such a great gift to anyone that picks your books up. It is sad that ppl have to get that aggressive with you for something you have created and shared. Personally I just want to say I love all of Anita’s bad and good choices!

  28. It absolutely beggars belief that people can invest in fiction to the point that they become violent towards the author. It saddens me that in some dark recess of their mind people think its okay to do violence because you dont like something someone wrote regardless of topic.

    I am a fan. I adore both series. I live vicariously through the books. Some of the quotes from books have become quotes I use frequently. They have enriched the tapestry of my life, and yes some days I try to be a little Anita and more Merry.

    I humbly thankyou for your words – books and blogs.

  29. Thank you, for your wonderful books. I own every one you have written up to date and look forward to the next one. You have an amazing gift, and I am so grateful you share it with the world. I am so sorry to hear of all the craziness you face! Best wishes to you and your family, thank you again!

  30. Mrs Hamilton I’ve never read your anita series as I fell in love with your merry books and for some unknown reason it felt like betrayal hahaha…..I do the same thing with other authors it takes me a long time to read other series they write if I’ve already fell in love with one. That being said this gives me hope. I’ve been wanting to write a book about something in my personal life and I always stop because I know if it’s too edgy in my head then others will complain about it. But you’re right, people are never going to like everything. You cannot please everyone in the world. You can only do what you want to do as it is your only life and you need to enjoy it to the best of YOUR ability. I’ve never understood people who don’t get that. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. Those same people who bitch about your books still buy them and yet complain because you didn’t reach out with your telepathy and write the book catered to their way of thinking. People confuse me. I don’t have a religion. I believe in all religions because it’s their hearts that tell them what to believe. Why should we discriminate because our heart tells us different. It’s the same way with writing and books. You created a world. You are essentially the god of that world. No one should be a le to make you feel that you shouldn’t have the control over something YOU created. Anyways I’ll eventually get around to reading them 🙂 but merry will always have my heart first

  31. 1st … love both your series! Anita and Merry! Love the characters, their interactions, their stories. I am often checking to see when your next book is due I enjoy them so much.

    I am just so sorry you get the crazies, but then that is just how good your are. You manage to make your characters seem so real to them they feel they have an emotional investment in the character’s lives. And when you feel that way .. well things get sort of emotional 🙂

    Keep up the security so lucky people get the chance to meet you and keep on writing the wonderful diverse, evolving and intricate characters you do .. loving your books

  32. I am a civilian working in law enforcement. I have been reading your books since the early 1990’s and while I love both worlds you have created, Anita’s world is my favourite. I see and hear things in my day to day life that most people will never experience. I see man’s inhumanity to man. I read your work and it transports me to another world, where the complexities and frailties of ‘human’ nature are explored and exposed in all their beauty and horror. It brings me peace. For those hours when I am reading, my reality is suspended, and when a book is finished, I am at peace.
    No other author has had the power to shut down my real world and bring that calmness to my mind. In between new books, when my real life is noisy and chaotic, I pick up the series and re-read it from beginning to end. I do that at least once a year. Your fictional world is my solace, and words cannot adequately express my appreciation of your skill and talent, or my thanks to you for letting your audience share in such an extraordinary gift. Thank you Ms Hamilton.

  33. The crazies are and always will be with us. My own take is if you don’t like a given authors work don’t buy or read it. that said I prefer it when your books are more character driven and sex in my own opinion does not equal relationship or a discussion of same. If a given author changes how she writes a given series you can cut your losses and not buy another oryou can see if you enjoy the new format. I like your Anita books. Your Merry not so much. Too much sex and not enough lot in the latter but that is just me. I have bought and so far will continue to buy the Anita books and if you ever revisit the Guardian books I will buy those too. My only question is this and I know your answer…”Buy the next book and find out!” You’ve got Anita’s life so messed up and complicated what else can you possibly have happen to her now? I will find out when the next book is released.

  34. I enjoy your books because they are a step out of reality. I can’t imagine someone getting so emotionally invested in a a fictional character, even though I really enjoy the story line.

  35. I just finished “A shimmer of light”. Ive read all your other books but this one has affected me more then the rest by a huge margin! Im sad, angry, and feeling lost. I wont direct my feelings towards you because i understand things happen when you put pen to paper and the story takes the path it chooses. I related to king sholto in so many ways and his death and dying the way he did in merry’s arms had me crying as if my world was ending. Im sorry that people get crazy over your books. Im not going justify threats or violence people have directed towards you but your books do tend to bring up strong emotions, all i can really say is i hope that you share Anita and Merry’s ruthlessness and keep writing on your own terms..

  36. Wow. Every time I read about your life experiences I find it just as interesting as your books, which is saying something considering that your Anita Blake books are my favourite series.

    I find you to be a very inspirational person, because you have gone out there and fought to find your own happiness and true self. We aren’t all so brave.

    It disgusts me when I hear how some of the “fans” of your work speak to you. I am sorry that you were put in that situation, but impressed by your ability to overcome and evolve. I am sorry that you are now subjected to so many insulting questions, but on the upside you get to indulge your love of awesome boots 😉

    We would love to have you visit Australia, by the way.

  37. I love your books. The level and attention to detail is amazing. Your books have long since helped me so I could be supportive when friends came out and admitted to alternative lifestyles. I wish I could always choose just the right words like you do when you are writing. You are an inspiration to many. Reading fantastic books like yours is one of my favorite ways to relax. Thank you!

  38. I can’t even imagine how scary that experience was. Anita has become a role model for me. I love all the characters in the book. I only wish there was more love like that in the world. You are my favorite author and I have been there for not only Anita but for Merry too. Your books are an inspiration and always make me look at things in a different way. Know if I ever get lucky enough to meet you, you wouldnt have to worry about security, I would personly go all psycho on whoever threatened you or was being disrespectful. 🙂 I cant wait to keep reading about Anita and her upcoming wedding. Thanks for all the goods read. Your the best!

  39. I have read most of your books and like all things, if I don’t agree with an author, I get over it! We all are different and we should respect and treat others with kindness and understanding. I am sad you were not treated that way and I love all authors because you give me an escape from my mundane world. Please do not stop writing and thank you for the peak behind the curtain. Everyone thinks they know others worlds and stories when they truly dont because they are not in it. Do know there is a majority of nice and a minority of not so nice or “crazies” and keep writing for the rest of us because we do love your stuff and appreciate the stress you go through to get it delivered! Happy Saturday!

  40. speaking of “Narcissus in Chains” when if ever will that book be translated to audio? That is the only one I don’t have!

  41. I would like to say I can’t believe anyone would be such a dork as to confront an author because the series wasn’t going according to the dork’s envisionings, but since I’ve met several crazies in this world, I can only say I am so glad that you haven’t given up your writing because of the nut cases. I’d really, really miss you, and I’d prefer to leave this earth with you still going strong. I had another author email me today asking for my list of must read authors, and you were, of course, leading the pack in my paranormal/adventure listing, with the caveat of sexual content (not sure how much she wants in her books). Please stay safe, and keep up the security measures, you are much too valuable to both we as readers and your family! Blessings..

  42. Thank you for writing both Anita and Merry books I love them. Because of your wonderful work I got the courage to try to get my writing published.
    Oh my goodness, I knew there are people like that out there and it is really scary. I am glad you never gave up.

  43. Personally, I absolutely LOVE Anita (and you). I would love to have the big brass balls it must take to be the both of you. I am currently re-reading the Anita Blake series in order, and enjoying it even more the second time around. Please don’t ever let her settle down and become just a normal girl!!! She’s my hero…

  44. It makes me crazy that you have been abused so much-it is just fiction-it is an escape-how could anyone take it so seriously? Thank you for having courage to not give up-the 99% of us would never recover!!! Peace and blessings!

  45. I love your books, I k ow that there are crazies out there. I’m just glad that you can keep writing with all that you have been through. As far as Anita and Richard are concerned, he has been my least favorite of her men. I feel that Jean Claude was the best choice for Anita. I can’t wait for their wedding day…..
    Thank you so much for making my favourite pastime more enjoyable.

  46. I agree and share sympathy for you with everyone who has replied to this post. Books are a way to escape from personal and world problems, but not from reality. I kind of feel sorry for the delusional people who disrespected and attacked you, because they allowed a fictional world to blend into real life. On the bright side, look at the crazy intrusion as one of the highest compliments an author can receive – your exceptional writing made the fictional characters and world seem so real that it triggered abnormal behavior. Glad you did not cave into pressure and give up your writing.

  47. We all have our own particular patch of crazy in the garden. It’s just a shame some people can’t keep theirs from spilling out all over everyone else. Luckily most of us can keep it in our heads. Be careful, but fearless and keep doing you.

  48. I like to travel to see authors I love on tour- Once many years ago, Charlaine Harris was in Seattle and a fan questioned (jumped) her about how she had to see a therapist because she was so upset that the fictional character in her book was raped. And WHY Sookie needs to seek therapy, she was borderline violent. The crowd actually started to pull away from the stage incase it came to blows!
    So I never questioned it again when I saw JR Ward in Ohio and she was trailed by 4 huge body guards as she moved through the Q&A portion of the program. She had just finished a book that dealt with a major character getting married to another man. She said she had received tons of hate mail and threats. No wonder she doesn’t tour outside of her home town! Get a grip people! It’s just stories, they can’t hurt you.

  49. You are an awesome author. I love both series, tho Anita Blake is my favorite. It is true you do write so well you almost think your characters are real. But sadly they are fiction. Even sadder that those people have threatened and hurt you. Writing is an art. Should a person paint a different smile the mona lisa because they think it needs to be different. No…Ridiculous! Laurell Hamilton… your art is your art. I am always intrigued on how the characters go. If people are upset about a BOOK…. guess what people… stop reading. Never threaten another person just because your idea of the art needs to be different. Every one has their own muse. If your that upset about it write your own art and/or get therapy!

    1. Knowing there are so many crazies out there is a bit scary, but you’re right, you shouldn’t stop what you do for fear of them. I too am a Richard fan and one who has felt the change of direction in the books is frustrating, however I love AB so much that I still take what I can get. And smile anyway because I am grateful that LKH is still writing after all these years!

    2. I am one of those who disagrees with the direction Laurell has taken with HER characters. I put HER in caps, because that is the key word in that sentence. They are HERS. She can do with them as she will. It would be the height of idiocy and presumption for me to tell an author how or what to write, much less threaten the author. How stupid is that? My sole recourse is opting to buy the book or not, thus voting with my wallet. I prided myself on having a full set of her hardcovers up till around Narcissus. I still read them, but usually just check them out of the local library, I no longer feel the need to own the books. But that’s just me. I am sure a ton of people love the direction Laurell took, as they keep buying her books, and more power to her.

      I’d love to be at one of her signings to deal with anyone heckling or actually threatening her. Much like the 1st Amendment, I may not agree with what someone says, but I will fight to my last breath for their right to say (write) it without being harassed.

  50. Sorry to hear about the craziness you go through. While the Anita Blake books haven’t gone the direction I always hoped or thought they would, that is half the fun in them. I cannot imagine hurting or threatening someone for fictional works. No matter how passionate a fan I may be.

    I have been enjoying the ride since I picked up a copy of the Lunatic Cafe from my local bookstore (RIP) and have not looked back.

    Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  51. I remember during that whole thing(Anita and Richard breaking up getting back together, and breaking back up again) I was seriously pissed off with Richard.
    I was steeply disappointed in him for the way he treated her and was glad that she had a support network around her.
    I don’t understand why it would occur to anyone to be angry with the author about that.
    People like that probably only see their own fictional versions of thier characters in thier own minds. And when the cannon versions don’t match up it’s like they take it as a personal attack or something.
    It’s like a person who dates people who they want to change.

  52. If you don’t like the book or the characters, Close the cover and give it away. I don’t get people who take fantastic fiction to heart. Yes, it’s a great way to question society, to fool around with new ideas. Many authors have done this over the years. But gee’s it’s not real life! By the way I love your characters and wish they were real! But alas, they are not. And I’ve purchased every Anita Blake book, some several times as gifts for others and never had a friend dislike them.

  53. Wow. I am horrified that fans would behave like that. I am so sorry to hear this.
    These are your books. You can write them however you want. We should just be thankful you decided to share these stories with us.

  54. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised how people act. I’m sorry that your safety has been threatened. I admire how you look those people in face and refuse to be intimidated. It’s one of the reasons why I love reading your books so much. Tough ladies are awesome.

  55. On an off-topic comment, after finishing Killing Dance and now on Burnt Offerings (on a re-read journey), I kind of miss Mrs. Pringle and Custard. I know you had to “move” Anita due to danger to the neighbors, but who didn’t love Mrs. P. and her furball pom? Plus, on an off-aside: I’m just curious if Anita will ever raise a shapeshifter zombie? Or one that had been a shifter in life? Thus far, the only zombies have been human and animator zombies. I’m just wondering if there would be any difference to zombies that were raised as shifters–because it’s stated in DI that zombies that had fed on human flesh in life would become flesh-eaters, but since shifters (at least werewolves) cannibalize their dead, does that mean they’d rise as flesheater zombies as well?

    Just some ponderings on a boring work day.

  56. Richard/Anita dumping inconsistency:

    So, on my re-read journey through your books, I’m on Blue Moon now, and while it’s true that technically, Richard ended it, you could look at it as Anita ending it /dumping him when she opted to go to bed with JC that first time. PLUS, in Blue Moon, Anita states at one point when they get back to the cabins and she’s talking to Richard: “My throat felt tight, and if I hadn’t known better, I’d have said there were tears in my eyes. Naw, surely not. I mean I’d been the one that dumped Richard. Why should I cry?”

  57. Wow. I can’t believe people would be violent to you over a fictional book. What?! People are insane. Wow. I have to absorb that.

    Whenever I feel bad about myself, I will think of those crazy people and instantly feel better.

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