My Ass, and Bare Faced Beauty

Mar 24, 2014

Butt Selfie
I posted this picture on twitter. I was pleased that I could tell the gym work was paying off, so I posted. I figure if those of us with curves don’t post, as well, that too many people will keep thinking that only thin women exist. Besides, at 51 I’m pretty pleased that gym work can still make me want to show my ass on line. It was sort of a bit of happy silliness, and then another woman on Twitter said, “That was very brave.”

Brave? It was brave to put up a picture of my ass on line? I thought bravery was running into burning buildings to save people, or putting a gun to your shoulder and defending the constitution of this United States, or holding the hand of someone you love while they go through chemo – all that takes bravery. I really didn’t think my picture went in the same category as things that can win you medals, or give you the stuff of tragedies. But other women echoed the sentiment, and I sort of understood, but not really.

When did body issues become the stuff of medal worthy bravery? When the hell did it become an act of courage to show our bodies unretouched to the world? Then Robin McKinley, another writer, put up a link to a story in the Guardian. It was about Botox celebrating it’s twelfth anniversary, and how common place it had become. The article further stated that one of the reasons Botox is so common and popular is that teenagers are using it so their selfies on line look smooth and ageless. What? I mean, What the Fuck? Teenagers are injecting themselves to look “ageless”? They’re teens for Gods’s sake, how much more ageless do they want to look?

No Makeup.jpg
I wear light makeup most of the time, and for photo shoots I wear what my makeup artist puts on me, hairstylist, too, but enough was enough. I took a selfie of myself without any makeup on, my hair in it’s natural fuzz of curl, and I put it up on Twitter. There, done! I got some lovely compliments, and other people echoing my surprise that teenagers should be worried enough to take Botox, or anything else to look smoother. Then I ran into a strange controversy that seems to have come up around the #barefacedbeauty campaign that was originally supposed to help support money going to cancer research, but had also been high jacked by women on both sides of the makeup divide, those who do and those who don’t. Apparently, some anti-makeup women were trying to bully those that wore makeup, telling them they were a selling out the modern feminist movement, or some such nonsense. The movement to raise money for cancer research is still a good cause to support, so if you want to contribute, please do. I thought the issue of some women arguing about makeup at almost a moral question level was just another example of how we, as a group, seem to let differences divide us, rather than letting our common ground unite us.

How about everybody leave everybody else alone? If you want to wear makeup, do. If you don’t want to wear makeup, don’t. Do what makes you happiest. The same goes for curves vs no curves. Be whatever is a healthy weight for your body. Some women struggle to gain weight their whole lives, and other’s struggle to lose, and some people have wonderful genetics that helps them stay at whatever weight they want. Let’s stop the body shaming and just own that women come in all shapes and sizes. No one size, or body type is better than the other, just be healthy, whatever that means for your body.

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  1. Let me just say, I’m 23 years old and MY ass doesn’t look THAT good. congratulations on being soo kick ass and standing up for your opinions. How very Anita of you 😉

  2. Kudos! First, I think the ass shot is great! I’d be proud to have it. I’m one of those “no-ass” bodies, so I would take it in a heartbeat. I agree 100% with your comments on teens and botox. I hate to see that our young are so obsessed with being anorexic, dieting, and worrying about lines and wrinkles. They should be learning how to accept the body they have. That seems to take a lifetime to learn. Most of my life I was super thin, but now I’m heavier than I like -still no ass though 🙁 . But, I don’t let anything stop me from enjoying what I like. At 53, I’ve earned every one of my lines and while I would prefer to look young forever, I’m not. Every year I get older and there’s nothing to be done about it. Now make-up – yes I’m much more comfortable going out when I have it than without. I also think that lite make-up can help a women look her best. As a blonde based natural redhead, I don’t have a smooth skin tone and dark eyebrows and lashes, but that’s ok, because I have a tube of mascara and some powder or base to help what nature provided. At home, I am comfortable enough with myself that I don’t feel the need to wear anything – but that comfort level has only come with age. We all need to become comfortable with ourselves and recognize the beauty in everyone no matter their size or shape, color or gender. We all have a purpose, and just think how boring life would be if we were all the same size and color.

  3. Laurel. You are beautiful. In physicality, and mentality. You are a talented, lovely woman, who can by all means show her butt on-line and herself without makeup and still be beautiful. Good for you. I think by the way, that your butt looks great! And be proud of it! After all, the only person it matters to is yourself! Go on girl. You got this. The blog says it all. In the immortal words of Bill & Ted, “be excellent to each other”, because that is what this world needs.

  4. And that last paragraph expresses EXACTLY my view on the subject. Which is just more proof to me of how awesome you are. 🙂

    Keep being yourself and doing what you’re doing. You are fantastic just the way you are.

  5. I completely agree! Media has warped so much of a persons perspective on appearance and what’s acceptable or the “norm” that people are obsessed with their apappearance and it’s saddening.

  6. You look outstanding my dear!!! And you should always be proud of your acomplishemnts.Less then 2 wks ago I had a major heart attack and had a stent put in……I came thru because I fought I wanted to continue to be around for my grands and the rest of my family and friend.This was my accomplishement for March , now i want to lose more weight and quit smoking and be healthy for me!
    Yes you were brave in showing your ass , you make other women think …..and that is a major thing.We as woman must change the way our daughters and grandaughters see themselves . Before we lose them to unhealthy schemes to lost weight or look like dolls.
    Thank you for showing the real you as you work out and eat healthy to reach your goal.

  7. Hellz yeah! Thank you for writing about this. Also, I find that your un-touched-up photo makes you seem more accessible, more real to me, and adds another dimension to my experience when I read your books.

  8. You are the Bomb, LKH. I’m a slow reader but I never miss Anita Blake or Merideth Gentry. I love your ability to put a situation into place and I love your captivating freedom. Please don’t ever stop and keep up the good work. Love the Selfie. You darn sure don’t look near 51.

  9. You have a hot ass – just sayin. My guess is that she has issues with her own body, so she’s putting yours down.

  10. 51?! You’re joking! Nice ass. If I could get mine to look like that, I’d post it too! No…actually I’m quite comfortable with my body even though “media” of today would have huge issues with it. Looking and feeling good 😉

  11. Wow. I look at the photo of you looking fab without all the glam and I see a more beautiful younger you than in the glam shots from 2009 that you have on your blog. What ever you are doing you look great and keel at it.

  12. What a lovely ass,I am one of those women that have issue gaining and maintaining weigh,I am 29 years old,5’3′ and for the most part of my adult life i have only weighted 100lbs max,I am healthy as i can be,doctors have given me a clean bill of health,I am just naturally thin and i get so much shit because of that,it is sad that people focus so much on what is on the outside of a person.I started running again and doing cross training and now i have finally been able to go over my normal weight, 115 lbs,of course most people can’t see any difference because its all muscle and most of the time my clothes hide it. As far as teens using botox,that is some fucked shit,our youth need so much guidance that i feel like we are failing them. I will never use botox to look younger,i will wear my wrinkles and lines proudly,i earned them!.

  13. Well said. There are several issues floating around media that I feel the same way about. I wish people would focus more on tolerance of differences instead of pushing agendas and having to have their way be the right, and only way

  14. I totally agree. Girls an women r all trying to lose wt thinking that curves r bad. I an half Italian an I have lots of curves. There’s nothing wrong with accepting who u r an how u look.

  15. I want to say that you look great! I wear makeup when i feel like it, and none when i dont. I am 45 and very happy with my “extra curvy” body. With the world the way it is, i think there are alot mote things to worry about than body image. Thank you for your refreshing opinion!! Love you!

  16. OMG my ass has never looked that good in my life. You are beautiful!!and if u got it flaunt it!! IM sure your hubby and Poly enjoy you just the way you are. They are the only one that matters. Forget the rest of world!! Blessed Be

  17. Laurell, at 51, you put some 29 year olds to shame. Keep doing what your doing as long as it pleases you.

  18. Recently people have suggested I should wear more makeup and dye my more gray hair blonde. I’m going to be 52. Yeah indie the long blond hair with heels and a short skirt look for years. I’m done with it. I too have curly hair and the longer it is..the harder it is to take care if it. Now its short and butchy.

    I can’t wear heels anymore. They hurt my feet. I wear my hair, clothes and shoes FOR ME even tho “They say” I could do better. (Echoing what my mother said to me at 17)

  19. Well done. I agree so much. I’m only thirty, and still have so much time left to ‘age’. But I’ve been horrified by some comments made by younger people of the way I dress and look. As if its any of their business. I think anyone would be lucky to look as good as you do. I think your beautiful inside and out. Keep up the good work hun. And great bum shot 🙂

  20. I completely understand why people have told you that you were brave to put your ass online. We live, sadly, in an age where cyber bullies threaten women with rape and death if they do something that feel does not conform to some feminine standard, and where the global media stalk those in the public eye waiting for any photo they can snap that could embarrass, shame or humiliate them and where watching people degrade themselves on reality TV passes for entertainment. Bravery is about doing something regardless of the fact that it makes you vulnerable – emotionally, mentally or physically. Now the pics you posted showed that you have a wonderful complexion without make up and a very shapely bottom but by sharing these things you open yourself up to all manor of judgements, criticisms and the petty sniping of any of the small minded idiots that prowl the internet and that can take strength to risk exposing yourself to.

    All that said I totally agree with you that more woman (and men, they have body image issues too) need show that they are beautiful be they curvy, slender, voluptuous, athletic, bronzed, pale, toned, short or tall and that beauty doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter solution. If teens are feeling that they need to use Botox then something has to change.

  21. Laurel, I truly think that people have forgotten that we can all have DIFFERENT views/beliefs, likes/dislikes and still get along, work together and even like each other. Somewhere it became common to stop having respect for people who are different or believe different. Especially people who have been born different. Your lifestyle is not my lifestyle, BUT I would never try and convince you that your way is wrong and my way is the only way. Your life is just that, yours. Who would I be to tell you that? I think a lot of people cover up their own insecurities by trying to convince others that their way/views/beliefs are THE way. I’m thinking they’re trying to convince themselves of it also. A person secure in their own space doesn’t do that. They accept and agree that we only HAVE to be one thing…..ourselves 🙂

  22. I love everything about what you wrote! Also, you do have a mighty fine ass, and it clearly is one that workouts have improved, so great job. I am so proud of you, and the message that you are sending. We CANNOT let ourselves and each other give in to ridiculous pressure to be perfect, and your recounting of the reactions to your pic prove how important it is for us to have these dialogues. The normalizing of botox, plastic surgery, and crazy diets is out of control! I weep for young girls growing up with all these altered, unnatural images all around them. Cameron Diaz, in flogging her Body Book, talked about how it’s considered some kind of failure in Hollywood if you can’t look 25 forever, and I think she is right. If not, how come we see so many women ruining their faces. When Tori Amos, strong feminist that she is, showed up looking stretched and ‘toxed, I know we were at Defcon 5. Thank you for this article, and thank you for fighting the good fight.

  23. I couldn’t agree with you more….and I think you and your booty are Amazing!!! 😉

  24. I don’t care if you choose to wear makeup or not wear makeup. I don’t care if you’re heavy, thin or in between. I judge people by their character and their actions.
    I wear makeup, I’m twelve pounds overweight and have thinning hair…but those things don’t define me; my heart and the person I am define me.
    So let it go people…stop judging…stop belittling cause in reality it only belittles you.
    Be comfortable in your own skin…love yourself and own it …

  25. You are beautiful! I am a make-up kind of person except during the work week where it is simply impractical. But what does it matter if I wear make-up and you don’t? I have never understood why just because I think something is good for me that it is automatically good for everyone else. Why must we place a divider and then pick a side. I do what I feel is right for me and only expect people to do what is right for them. Having said that though I feel that the whole industry of beauty has gone too far if teens think they must “smooth out the lines” they are teens what lines? Where are their parents, do they know what botox is, and the inherent risks in dealing with a biotoxin? There is beauty in each one of us and it is not the outer covering. It simply protect the soul for that is what makes people beautiful or ugly. So let me repeat myself: You are beautiful.

  26. I couldn’t agree more with you, Laurell. Thank you for your tenacity and uncompromising posts, comments, and tweets. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say outside of and inside of your books. Keep ‘me coming!

  27. Well done you 🙂 for your age I say that is awesome I have two kids and I am 24 and my butt don’t look like that I wish well done

  28. You have a beautiful ass. I wish I had one, but I have what would be called a pancake ass, as in “OMG, did you see how flat her butt is? It’s as flat as a pancake!” I tried hiking to build up muscle, but it’s still pretty flat. I can’t even sit on my husband’s lap, as my bones protrude & hurt his thigh. My mom used to say the same thing. People tell me do squats & you’ll develop a nice butt, eh, I’ve given up & just accepted my pancake ass. ; P
    I am beautiful as I am!

  29. Amazing pics! They were great to see, You and I have the same butt…lol. Took me decades to realize it is a great butt, and is just perfect for me. BTW you look marvelous with or without makeup. I’ll be 49 in June and look as good or even better than I did as a teenager. Real Beauty and being sexy is all about confidence, and experience.

    I feel bad for those poor little girls… the truth is they are soooo young and naive, they just don’t understand that all they really need to be truly beautiful is be themselves. I know because I’ve been there. I’m sure we all have, we just didn’t have Botox back then. We had shoulder pads, bad perms, Aqua net and a lots of terrible makeup tips.

  30. I thought the whole point of feminism was for us to be able to CHOOSE… not to berate other women for their choices…

    and nice ass…

  31. My first step in accepting the post-stroke weight gain was thanks to Anita. In one of the first ten books, you write that she’s a size 14, which isn’t available in most trendy mall boutiques. In later novels, Anita did lose the pounds, but she did it because she was active, not because she was doing the I-hate-my-body mantra. So I pushed through physical therapy. I did it every time the mini-strokes took back more mobility than I’d gained the last time. Your butt will likely always look better than mine, but I’m proud I still get flirted with on occasion. Thank you for being an inspiration on so many fronts. I only wish I knew how to find more open and honest people like you, who share the same interests. To use a comparison, it’s only in books that Merry introduces Doyle to a new way of living, or Jean-Claud does Anita. As you have written so much before about your choices, please consider sharing how one goes about exploring alternative lifestyles (especially when there’s no friend to ask). Your books have done much to teach that other options exist, but the previously 100% vanilla don’t know how to find out what shade we are now. The more blessed ones live in cities with clubs, but some of us live in Hickville, USA – not that we’d know a safe situation if we saw it.

    1. Try your local Unitarian Church. They are very welcoming and even the smallest of small mountain communities have them. They welcome every faith and those of no faith and those who are also of the LGBT community and those who are questioning? Hope this helps

  32. I have been reading your Anita Blake series wince I was 15, and I have always loved what a strong female role model she was for me at that time. I have to say that she has actually effected me strongly in my life and in going through some of the more rough points.

    You are as much a role model for me now as she has been. I’ve always stood behind being respectful and compassionate to all women – really, all people – no matter what their choices, looks, etc. I admire you openness and frankness about your life and your opinions and beliefs and the strength it takes to be that way.

  33. Keep up the great work Laurell!! You are a true inspiration to women!!! 🙂 total respect!!! P.S can’t wait for Merry to come back!! ❤️

  34. Laurell,

    You’re an inspiration! You’ve put your life online and are not afraid to tell people with negative comments to fuck off. I admire that so much!

  35. You go, girl. I will be fifty this June myself. I don’t look nearly as good as you do. You do what You have to do for your happiness. I’m still struggling with body image, and pro’lly will ’til the day I die. So, I salute you!

  36. Thank you for saying here what so many of us feel. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and we should be supporting one another to be as healthy as we can be. The clothes and make up are just window dressings. Be genuine, helpful and kind and your beauty will radiate from the inside out.

    But that is a terrific selfie and butt shot. Good reminder why I make sure I know squat.

  37. Good on you Ms. Hamilton, you should be proud of your gym work as well as your natural beauty. As a LEO I have had women partners in the past and your character Ms. Blake is awesome. I would hit the streets with her anyday.

  38. Laurell, you look lovely! I must say that I am now motivated to hit the gym. I keep procrastinating but it is time to get my ass in gear! 🙂

  39. I think your pics look great! Even your ass !!! Lol…nothing wrong with showing off your hard work. Love love your books!!! Waiting for next Anita book ,! !!! When???

  40. Thank you so much for this, its all about the courage to love oneself no matter what. Egotistical shit heads try to tell us we need to be one thing or another. I live most days with little to no makeup. And btw I hope my ass looks that great at forty!

  41. I believe that no matter what a woman looks like on the outside, she is a Goddess. Women need to start thinking of themselves in this way.

  42. You look great. I’m just starting an exercise program and hope I’ll be seeing results soon. Looking forward to the next book on Merry. I’m an addict for Anita and Merry series. Keep going strong and be healthy.

  43. I have always thought you were beautiful and talented and now seeing you au naturel you are even more so. I love your writing…whether it is Anita or Merry or even more so lately just snippets of your life. You are just an all around awesome and beautiful woman!

  44. You are one of my heroes! You look amazing! You are an inspiration to the curvy, mature woman! You are HOT! Gives hope to us over 50’s. Not only that, you write fantastic stories about strong kick ass women! You go girl! Love you!

  45. You make a wonderful point and I think every woman should read this and think espically the younger ones of today’s society

  46. As a guy I have to say in all honesty I have for years thought women are stone cold crazy. I mean all the body shaming discussions, make up debates, curvy debates, and every other debate in between….I just find them so crazy and ridiculous. The female body is I think the most beauitful thing on this planet. Part of that beauty is from the plethora of differences there are in the female form. Big, small, busty, petite, curvy, athletic, black, white, freckled, martian, etc. Why people, especially women themselves, spend so much time trying to qualify and quantity what is actually considered beautiful is just beyond me. All forms are beautiful. Why try and be like someone else? Be unique and embrace your own personalized beauty I say. But I am a guy so what do I know lol.

  47. I don’t wear makeup because I don’t want to set that standard. I don’t have an opinion one way or another about people who do wear it. I do think some wear too much but it’s not my business. If you have the patience to apply it every day then do so. I don’t. Lol. The same goes for my hair. I look completely different with my hair styled and makeup on but I don’t like the time it takes to do it right so I only do it on occasion.

  48. Well I just live the pics, I love to go without make up whenever I can unless I break out just a bit of touch up on those spots and bam back to being my beautiful self. Big events like weddings or a date with my man I will put some eyeshadow and chapstick on. I have no make up pics on Facebook that I have taken and some where my friends have taken them, ugh when someone else takes the pic I get self conscious but as humans we are like that sometimes. I think its just awesome that you posted your awesome butt online I dont think its courageous or bravery that made you do it, I think you were just being your self and wanted to show us how proud you are. Well im proud too. I live seeing your pics, your books are an inspiration as well keep on the good work.

  49. I can do nothing but agree with you completely. When will the people of this planet realize, true beauty doesn’t come from make-up and botox? Where are we as a society when a teen age girl gets depressed because she can’t imitate the false perfection she sees in her magazine? Personally (call me a dork, I know) but, I prefer a woman that doesn’t wear make- up. Someone who is kind hearted with natural beauty from the inside is far more important. The fact that children have an impression of what they think beauty is, hammered in them from such a young age from media and everyday life is one of many problems this world is facing. You are beautiful, with or without make-up.
    But these are just my opinions.take em or leave em.

  50. I am very happy that someone else is OK with just being themselves instead of the made up version we like to show to the public. Botox for teens !!! What are these parents thinking? I have a 14 year old daughter and there is no way I would allow her to do something like that. I think it is already hard enough for teens to accept themselves the way they were made. Let’s not add more to the mix so that it’s harder for them to grow up with a health self asteem. Thank you for being who you are and not being afraid to stand up and say “this who I am …like me or don’t I don’t care”

  51. I would do anything in the world to sleep next to that ass! It comes with beauty, smarts inner security and did I mention that ass!

    Yours truly: Casanova

  52. As a 51 yo male who is madly in love with his 38 yo girlfriend , who wears very little makeup and has a great ass, very natural. I applaud all ladies it’s your body be happy in it. Just be in it. If working out makes you happy then do that, if sweatpants and Ben &jerrys makes you happy do that. But be honest with yourself. That is the key. Ok so be honest and real with yourself. That’s the key. You have to answer only to one person any guesses who that is? Yes it is yourself. I know my girl has secret fears she will never tell me but the one thing she never has to fear is me judging her. If she’s happy that’s what matters. We love each other so that’s what matters. Love your books! Haha, and love your looks.

  53. I flaunt my sexy bits because I work hard for them. And like you, I happen to be very proud of what Nature (and a lot of exercise) has given me. Also, I’m a bit full of myself… an Aries thing, I’m sure, and that’s okay, too. 🙂

    It is sad that some people feel that showing themselves to the world exactly how the are, and being damn proud of it, would take bravery. Very, very sad….

    Now, I’m off to dance and do calisthenics for one hours and 13 minutes. I’m hoping that if I keep it up, my behind will stand as proud as yours when I turned 51-years-young.

  54. Honestly, I don’t care what you look like. I’m going blind, and while that was of interest in my 20’s and 30’s, no more. You are a superior intellect, an entertaining writer, a creative lady, and that’s what matters to me. I struggle to find your audiobooks, and when I am successful, I revel in your
    talent. Thank you.

  55. Laurell, I have followed your work ever since I was introduced to it by accident back around 2000 and I have to say in all honesty that out of all of the pictures I have ever seen of you, this one, with no makeup, is by far one of, if not THE most beautiful shots of you I have seen. Absolutely gorgeous. Keep up the good work, but always make sure that it is what YOU want. My wife and I would love to meet you someday as we all have much in common, *chuckles*, but we are not that lucky. In any case, love the pics!

  56. Lord love a duck, you are too funny!

    You know there are three things a woman is never satisfied with: Her weight, her boobs, and her hair… You hear it time and time again. I am 42. I like my weight, boobs and hair. I like me for me -if someone else doesn’t, I don’t let it rent space in my head, it is their problem -not mine. I don’t have time for simple minded people.

    Keep doing what you do. In 2012, both of my parents died of cancer, so any attempt to raise money for cancer research is cool by me.

    You look great laurel. I don’t do the gym anymore, but I do walk the beach often and I am eating healthier and taking other steps improve my lifestyle. I hope God graces me with a body like yours at 51. I had no idea you were older than me! I thought we were about the same age.

    I have truly enjoyed your books and getting to know both you and your characters.
    Your friend and fan,
    Lisa M. Callicott

  57. Well spoken Laurell! =) It’s telling of where our culture has gotten to when superficialities become objects of passionate discourse! Meanwhile the events which truly affect us and have bearing on our lives are easily ignored with so much “else” to distract us, and as you mentioned, divide us–and keep us from recognizing our potential collective power. Meanwhile mainstream “news” feeds us little more than what the companies that own them (or pay their bills) want us to hear. Chris Hedges wrote a book called “Empire of Illusion- the end of literacy and the triumph of spectacle” in which he at one point considers the popularity of “reality shows” and how it’s now hip to be the star. To be watched by “Big Brother” is no longer a nightmare but a validating experience, he says. Perhaps if this is so then the issue of wearing makeup truly IS important? Perhaps it could be the career breaker that changes everything.. thoroughly & viscerally, in the tiny little dramas of our lives? I’m just laughing now! By the way my wife and I agree that your ass is wonderful, and neither of us would kick you out of bed should we be fortunate enough to find you there! As for make up, I personally prefer the taste of sweat to the taste of paint. You?

  58. You have always been my idol. Your the reason why I want to be an author, and have influence how I view myself. This just makes you even more amazing :).

  59. This post was very nice and what you said has been bouncing around in my brain along with some thoughts of my own about identity and who we think we are and why we act certain ways. One of the best things you do I think is be yourself in what ever situation you find yourself in. I recently retired from 23 years in the military which is more than half of my life, so now I am struggling with who I am before I was ‘military Jason’, before that I was ‘country boy Jason’ from Missouri, but now I find I have lived more places and have taken on characteristics of those places such as ‘Florida Jason’ (where I live now). There is also that internal life such as ‘Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jason’ or the ‘I wish I was brave enough to Jason’. Sometimes I feel like a chameleon and I am not sure who I really am any more, oh and ‘Christian Jason’ can’t forget that one really struggling with that one since my daughter has come out as poly(or is it the one where you have no particular gender preference who you love). Anyway back to body issues.

    As military I had to work out and hated it because it took ours of my day away from my family, with my body type I had to hit the gym hard to meet the standards. I have not worked out like that in over a year and not at all in at least the last six months, mainly because of an injury but I haven’t sought treatment for it either so I should not be using it as a excuse. So I guess there is a ‘work out Jason’ somewhere but I haven’t pulled him out in a while. So now I have put on 15 pounds because I like to eat and my wife likes to cook which she is very good at.

    So I struggle and I don’t have to worry about make up; but I have been trying out longer hair but what style? I have reverted back to one kinda like I used to have in the eighties a more feathered back style, my wife says I look a little like Christopher Walken, LOL, it must be the high forehead. So now I worry when I say I was prior military are they judging my haircut? I hope not because ‘Veteran Jason’ is still a work in progress. Then there is the future me, who do I want to be?

    “This I am today, that I will be tomorrow.” Is an old quote I am not sure from where but I used to put that inside my locker. All that is needed is to determine the ‘that’ you wished to be and books have helped me determine that all my long life, some like the David Weber Honor Harrington series help me to be more military, while ‘The Deed of Pasknerrion’ teaches me again about courage, and Anita Blake helps me face life with love first and maybe help me to change in a good way for those I care about need me too.

  60. im going through some of the worst things in my life and Mrs. Hamiltons books have always been the only thing to get me through. but unfortunaltey iv lost everything i own between a tornado and flood damage and my x destroying everything i own and for some reason since i live n so much physical pain and its hard for me to get around and i have no support system i have turned to the public library for help in being able to either read her books or listen to the audio books and they either dont have them or the libraries that do dont want to share. im lost without the books. and on top of it my body is falling apart iv never wieghed this much in my life. u look great laurell. keep up the great work. im very happy for u n ur family

    1. Dear Heather,

      It sounds as though you are going through a very difficult time. I understand. I have been where you are.
      Laurell is a strong writer who is able to paint a picture that makes escape into the world she has created very easy and alluring. -I know, I have spent my time escaping to that world as well. It is good to have an escape, to take a little break from what you are dealing with to just download and find your breath again. I am glad you found her books.
      With that being said, I want to commend you for offering that information so freely. What it says to me, is that perhaps you are looking for a means of change and hope. You can have both. Most important right now is to be vocal, but darlin’ be vocal in the right venues. Fortunately for you, because I so enjoy Laurell Hamilton, I joined her site and get updates on post. -because I am a very good person for networking to help you find the things you need.
      Lets start with what you lost in the two traumas you recently suffered…
      there are two places I can offer you that I know from personal experience will in fact help you. The first is THE AMERICAN RED CROSS, and the second is VOLENTEERS OF AMERICA. If you need other resources’ please contact me. My name is Lisa. My email is I can offer other types of resources’ as well. My heart feels for you dear. Stay in prayer. keep positive people about you and make your game plan for change. It can happen. you are in my prayers.

  61. I was going something intelligent but for whatever reason my words have escaped me this morning. Not enough coffee I suppose. That being said, you look amazing for your age and and your ass looks great!
    As for the botox thing, I have a sister in-law who just turned 30. She went on this huge rant about wrinkles and getting old, blah blah blah…. what happened to aging gracefully? She said, “There is no graceful way for some of us.” Seriously? Is it so hard to accept life as its supposed to hsppen? What are we teaching our kids that they think they need to be ageless? Honestly, I plan on dying as naturally as I came into this world. Perhaps not as naked but definitely old, aged and worn. I want my hard times as well as my good times to show on my face. I earned every single one of those wrinkles and scars. I plan on carrying them proudly and naturally. 😉

  62. You are an amazing woman. Most people who try and talk about the topics you have raised, fail to be a mutual party in regards to both sides and you nailed it! This blogged made me respect you even more than I already did, your attitude and writing is inspirational and I thank you for it.

  63. I am so grateful that I grew up in a Latin/Bahamian community where strong women owned their sexuality as well as their minds. We’re raised to embrace our curves; sometimes we even let men embrace them 😉 …Health of course is another slippery little sucker.

  64. First, congratulations Laurel your ass looks amazing at 51. Second, its good to see that women of all ages are starting to realize that they are a “somebody” in this crazy place called the world. It took me a long time to understand that I am beautiful, not because someone else told me (yes that is nice and gives me warm fuzzies) but because I started to look at what I liked instead of what I didn’t. Thank you for reminding us just for a moment that its ok to be happy inside our own skin.

  65. Those pics are awesome Laurell. You always look beautiful, in any picture I have seen of you and that has nothing to do with make up or no make up, it’s because you have an awesome and contagious smile. When you smile you can tell that you are truly happy to be smiling.

    What a great blog post, and I whole heartedly agree. Everyone just be themselves. People should never have to explain why they don’t fit into a cookie cutter idea because there shouldn’t be any cookie cutter ideas! We really need the people in the entertainment/modelling/hollywood etc. industries to really understand this and show the world that any shape/size is acceptable since that is where a lot of our role models come from.

    Thanks for the great post, I will be passing it on to those I think will benefit from reading it!

  66. FINALLY! I’ve only been saying it for years! I’m 4’10” tall, so anything over 120 lbs looks like more. Ok, I’m a lot more…it seems to me clothing manufacturers have NO IDEA how to design clothes for normal women. It’s like it’s all based on the “ideal” of those model thin types. Or, they think you can’t be short AND have big boobs. The average woman is size 13. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud women that can wear a size 8, I’m just not one of them! Kudos to you for realizing you don’t have to be a size 3 to be beautiful! I’m a size 18, and I am beautiful. Do I need to lose weight? Yes. Mostly because I’m diabetic, not because I’m ashamed. Thank you for your honesty, and thank you for your writing. There are only a few book series that I like well enough to read again, and yours are on that list!

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