Edits, Travel, and the Injury at the End

Apr 09 , 2018
I finished the edits on the next Anita Blake novel, Serpentine at the beginning of March. Jonathon, my husband, and I were already on a romantic vacation, but he helped me take [...]
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Praying in Time

Sep 20 , 2017
    I went to a Christian college because it was the only college close enough to home for me to stay at home and take care of my grandmother.  Dr. Martin was head [...]
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Fallen Heroes

Aug 01 , 2017
I got a text from my best friend the other day. We joke that our friendship is old enough to get its own drinks now. He’s a non-practicing Marine, and a former police officer. [...]
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Today is the Emotional Day

Jul 27 , 2017
This morning I woke up anxious and unsettled and couldn’t figure out why, then I realized, “Oh, this is the emotional day after I finish a book.” I was so [...]
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Creative Emptiness

Jul 22 , 2017
I’ve been running on empty so long, I don’t know how to refill my tank.  Usually when I don’t write for even a few days my dreams turn to violent nightmares [...]
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The Book is Done!

Jul 20 , 2017
The next Anita Blake novel is off to my editor in New York! I am exhausted, elated, and happy to put it into her hands for a few weeks, while catch back up with the rest of my [...]
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May 09 , 2017
First things first, there will not be a big book from me this year.  There probably won’t even be a little book from me in 2017, but my muse sometimes hits very [...]
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My Two Cents

Jan 26 , 2017
I voted for Barack Obama twice. The first time because I believed that he would be a positive change in leadership. The second time because the Republicans had not only no one I [...]
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Princesses and Wise Women

Jan 17 , 2017
   It’s 2017, at last! I think we’re all relieved to see 2016 behind us. No one seems to be able to remember a year when there were so many notable deaths [...]
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Be Sure

Dec 16 , 2016
Eomer and my current office view, for those that keep asking there’s a clue to what I’m writing in the picture. I typed, Be Sure, today as I sat down to work on the [...]
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