Low day, today

Mar 30 , 2003
Low day, today, listening to THE BEST OF POOH AND TIGGER. I thought I could sink no more cutsey than THE VEGGIE TALES CHRISTMAS ALBUM, but I was wrong. When I feel stressed I [...]
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Not much today

Mar 29 , 2003
Not much today. More shopping, less fun. Went and got new luggage for the tour, as we needed them. Also picked out / up our new glasses. And a few new shoes. that’s about [...]
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My Main computer is still down

Mar 28 , 2003
My Main computer is still down, and I’m working through the secondary computer. Soon I’ll transfer to a tertiary computer for the duration. Darla has told me of your [...]
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insert primal scream here…

Mar 27 , 2003
insert primal scream here… now I have to run away and finish about half a dozen interviews that are due before we leave. Not to mention getting the final itinerary from New [...]
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Nothing new today

Mar 26 , 2003
Nothing new today. Just us going to the doctor, making sure we are healthy enough to go on tour, which we are. Me getting a new Driver’s License so I have a valid ID to get [...]
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More shopping today

Mar 25 , 2003
More shopping today. But nothing fun happened this time out. no, not this time. no today, we went shopping for jeans and spring coats. Did you know that apparently all the spring [...]
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Today is the first day of spring break

Mar 24 , 2003
Today is the first day of spring break. My daughter’s spring break that is, grown-ups don’t get one. Well, maybe teachers, though my friends that are teachers say that [...]
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Today we shopped for tour

Mar 23 , 2003
Today we shopped for tour, and visited with friends. The friend visiting was good. The shopping, not so good. I’ve bought this lovely black skirt (what else) with a small [...]
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Damned right I’m persistent.

Mar 22 , 2003
Damned right I’m persistent. For all those who read that and think, what, my husband ended his diary entry yesterday by saying, I was nothing if not persistent. He’s [...]
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The First day of Spring.

Mar 21 , 2003
The First day of Spring. And the wonderful spring air is poisoning us. Our Allergies have hit high speed, and as such we are feeling miserable. but not to worry, this is normal [...]
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