Princesses and Wise Women

Jan 17 , 2017
   It’s 2017, at last! I think we’re all relieved to see 2016 behind us. No one seems to be able to remember a year when there were so many notable deaths [...]
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Be Sure

Dec 16 , 2016
Eomer and my current office view, for those that keep asking there’s a clue to what I’m writing in the picture. I typed, Be Sure, today as I sat down to work on the [...]
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Nightmares and Snowbirds

Dec 09 , 2016
​Yesterday was a day of deep contentment for me, but today I’m grumpy. I chased an idea last night, staying up until midnight. I knew full well that I needed to get up at [...]
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A Girl, a Goat, and a Zombie

Nov 03 , 2016
Update: I’ve removed the story for now. I’ll let you know when it is available again. -Laurell I can’t fix everything that’s gone wrong this election [...]
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Happy Halloween!

Oct 25 , 2016
I asked my friend and fellow Alternate Historian, Sharon Shinn for a guest blog for October. Here are her thoughts. -Laurell   A couple of years ago around Halloween, I had [...]
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Witches, Wizards & the Writer’s Craft

Sep 22 , 2016
Happy Mabon! We welcome autumn in with a revival of the guest blog post. We’re starting off with a wonderful and informative blog from my friend and fellow writer Michelle [...]
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Crimson Death, the book that would not end.

Sep 09 , 2016
I wrote this weeks ago, but was so busy actually writing, and living that I forgot to post it.  It’s raining here today. The kind of rain that settles in like a guest [...]
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Laurell’s Salt Lake City Comic Con Schedule

Aug 22 , 2016
Laurell’s Schedule for SLCCC is up on the events page. Go Check it out. [...]
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Gun Control and Gun Rights 

Jun 29 , 2016
I’ve started several blogs about recent events in our country and the question of gun control vs gun rights, and then I found this wonderful blog by Scott Adams, creator of [...]
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Dead Ice Sweepstakes

May 03 , 2016
The contest has finished. Winners will be notified by email. Thank you all for for your participation as well as your patience and understanding while we tried out a new system [...]
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