Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Nov 26 , 2015
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To those outside the United States of America its just another Thursday, but for us it’s Turkey Day! A day for family, food, and gratitude. [...]
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Happy Veterans Day 2015!

Nov 11 , 2015
Happy Veterans Day and thank you all for your service! A special thank you to all the veterans who have helped me with research over the years. You men and women have helped make [...]
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Writing Your First Novel; or Good Luck, all you November Writers

Nov 04 , 2015
   It’s November and most of us in America are getting ready for Thanksgiving at the end of the month, but about 300,000 people aren’t worried about cooking the [...]
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A Not So Scary Halloween Birthday! 

Oct 28 , 2015
      I’m a horror writer, and back when there was a horror section in the bookstores, that’s where I was shelved. I’ve been called mixed [...]
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Choose Joy

Oct 21 , 2015
Choose joy  ​Yesterday was a hard day. I had a serious fight with someone I love. No fight gets as vicious as one between loved ones because we know each other’s [...]
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My Three Best Pieces of Writing Advice

Oct 14 , 2015
​My best advice about writing is – write. Writers write. The more you write the better you’ll get at it. Writing is a skill and like any other skill from basketball [...]
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First Dog and First Book

Oct 10 , 2015
  ​The picture with this blog is of my original copy of Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. As you can see it is a much loved book. I’ve had the book for about [...]
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Missing Ireland

Sep 20 , 2015
​This week we had one of the hottest days of the summer so far, which means over 90F, very humid, and miserable for running outside, but I came downstairs with a jacket over my [...]
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In Honor of Patriots Day

Sep 11 , 2015
Fourteen years ago today America was attacked, but whatever their goals were, they failed. We’re still here, enjoying our freedom, our modern life, and just being us. Having [...]
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Writing at DragonCon 2015

Sep 09 , 2015
 Dawn came in with pink, cotton candy clouds here in Atlanta today. The book I’m currently writing was too loud in my head for me to sleep in, so I took everything out [...]
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