Perfectionism is an Unattainable Goal

Feb 04 , 2016
   I finished the book and I didn’t. I mean, I finally typed The End. The villains of the piece are dead, the victims avenged as far as possible, short of [...]
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Life, Death, and Fiction

Jan 14 , 2016
I’ve been having fits with the current book I’m writing. I’m over 500 pages in, over 200,000 words, and usually by this point in a book I’m writing as fast [...]
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The First Bird of the New Year

Dec 31 , 2015
   I have been a birder since high school, long before I took my first ornithology class in college for my biology degree. Yes, I mean bird watching. I’m like a [...]
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The least wonderful time of the year

Dec 25 , 2015
Christmas used to be my favorite holiday of the year, but that was awhile ago. I realized this year that I hate Christmas, the whole Christmas season, but unlike Dr. Seuss’ [...]
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Wreaths Across America

Dec 16 , 2015
   The rows of white stones march out and out across the neatly clipped grass, each stone marks a grave, each grave marks a soldier, or family member, who has passed. [...]
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This is why I write

Dec 09 , 2015
    I stepped into my office today with dawn like a knife slash in the east, the light seeped through like pale orange and yellow blood. The crescent moon hung [...]
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Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Nov 26 , 2015
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To those outside the United States of America its just another Thursday, but for us it’s Turkey Day! A day for family, food, and gratitude. [...]
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Happy Veterans Day 2015!

Nov 11 , 2015
Happy Veterans Day and thank you all for your service! A special thank you to all the veterans who have helped me with research over the years. You men and women have helped make [...]
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Writing Your First Novel; or Good Luck, all you November Writers

Nov 04 , 2015
   It’s November and most of us in America are getting ready for Thanksgiving at the end of the month, but about 300,000 people aren’t worried about cooking the [...]
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A Not So Scary Halloween Birthday! 

Oct 28 , 2015
      I’m a horror writer, and back when there was a horror section in the bookstores, that’s where I was shelved. I’ve been called mixed [...]
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