Praying in Time

Sep 20, 2017



I went to a Christian college because it was the only college close enough to home for me to stay at home and take care of my grandmother.  Dr. Martin was head of the history and political science program and he was a man of strong faith.  I no longer remember what tragedy had happened, there were a lot of them when I was younger, but it was over and done with and I was in his office crying.  He said, “Let’s pray.”  I said, “But its over, you can’t pray for help when its over.”

His reply was this, that God and the angels are not trapped in time the same way that people are.  God does not live time in a linear fashion like a straight line.  God is everywhere all at once, so we could bow our heads and pray for help about something that had already happened.  
I am no longer Christian, I have been happily Wiccan for twenty years, but that moment of comfort, that thought that God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, whatever name you use for your Deity is not trapped in time, but can move back and forth in a way that we cannot, I still believe that.  So let us pray.  Let us pray for the people, animals and land impacted by hurricane Harvey. Let us pray for all the people and animals suffering through the wild fires in the Western United States.  Let us pray for all those effected by the earthquake in Mexico.  Let us pray for those injured in the bombing in London.  Let us pray for all the countries and islands devastated by hurricane Irma.  Let us pray that help comes to those in need, not just for the electricity, the medical care, the food, clean water, clean clothing, sanitation, and all the rest that the survivors need to be well, but that our prayers reach them before each disaster, and during.  That the angels protect and keep them, that hope and comfort are there for everyone in that moment of fear.  That God and Goddess reach out to all that have been effected, even those that are not directly impacted, but lost in the overwhelming confusion of how to help.  Let us ask for guidance on where best to spend our time, our money, our goodwill to do the most good.  Let us send back in time prayers of hope and comfort, and let us pray forward that our world grows wise and better prepared.  Let us pray for the now, and find ways to give hope and comfort, and real aid to those who have been touched by all the horrible things that have happened recently.  If you can give money, then find a charity and donate.  If you don’t have extra cash wait until they have places that are needing donations of old clothes, and household items that will get to the survivors, or help those closer to home with donations of things that you no longer need or want.  If you can’t help those impacted by the hurricanes and the earthquake directly, then please find other people in need to help.  I believe if we all do what we can, even if it is simply to be kinder to the people we meet every day that we can take care of each other.  God doesn’t always come with angels and a heavenly light show, sometimes He comes in the shape of another person who offers a helping hand when we need it most.  Let us pray and then let us do something good.

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  1. That was a powerful statement and does apply to all the Gods and Goddess’ . Thank you for posting this memory.

  2. Well said. This morning I remembered something I had read years ago about the pasaage of time. We live in the land of clocks, mundania, schedules, deadlines and calendars and chronological order…Kronos.. Deity lives in the state of Kairos… Deity isn t halted by the time constraints that we deal with. I like this idea.
    I have been a pagan for 17 years. I still retain the Christian theories I learned as a child and young adult, but I am solitary Wiccan.
    Happy Mabon to you and yours.
    Irolyne Morningsong

  3. You touched my heart in a way I didn’t think you could. I may disagree with some of your ideas, what you just wrote resonates with me. Let’s all pray for those who are suffering all around the world.

  4. I completely agree about deity being outside of time and find comfort in praying to whoever will listen. I’ve explored many lines of faith and though I can’t say one is exactly right, I find peace in prayer and calling out for help so I figure someone must be listening. Thank you for this beautifully written post.

  5. One of the things I love about Anita is her strong faith, she does not proselytize, she simply exists in her faith. And I love that her faith is accepting of her and her partners, no matter who or what they are. Her God is loving enough to accept everyone for who they are and where they are in their journey. Thank you for that reminder.

  6. Beautiful words. I usually silently send prayers to the powers that be when I read or hear about some disaster, terrorist attack or even just someone’s passing.

    Thanks for the words, they are eloquent.

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