Will there be more Anita or Merry books?

Yes. As long as Laurell’s imaginary friends keep talking to her and fans keep reading, she will continue to write them.

Whatever happened to Sigmund? Where is he?

Sigmund has a place of honor on the chair next to Anita’s bed in the Jefferson County house. Once there are three or more people in bed, there is no room for stuffed comfort objects.

Will there ever be a TV series or movie of Anita or Merry?

As of this moment, there is not one currently in the works. That does not mean that it is off the table. Laurell is always open to discussing the possibility and if something changes and a TV series or movie deal is signed, she will let everyone know as soon as she can.

Will there ever be a Nighseer sequel?

According to Laurell, “When Nightseer was first published it didn’t sell well enough for my then editor to want the sequel. Skip years into the future and that publisher merged with Penguin and suddenly they had the rights to reprint Nightseer. They offered to let me publish the sequel, but by that time I was no longer happy enough with the sequel to allow it to be published. They’ve offered that I could rewrite it and publish it from Penguin Random House, but I am a very different writer now. I am too unflinching a “camera” for the plot that I had planned for Nightseer and it’s three sequels. Keleios and Lothor deserve the kinder, gentler vision that I began my career with, I fear I am too jaded to do it justice now.”

Will Laurell read my story and give me feedback?

No, Laurell’s agent does not allow her to read un-agented works. Please contact Merrilee with any questions on this (contact information below).

Can I ask for writing advice?

Please search her previous blogs or follow her on Twitter where she frequently give advice. Laurell has answered this numerous times.

Will Laurell sign my book?

Yes, at her official signings and appearances at scheduled events. There are also signed books available in her online store.

Can I mail things to Laurell to be signed?

No, sorry, unfortunately not. Please do not send anything to be signed, it will be returned unsigned. Due to Laurell’s writing and travel schedule, she is unable to handle the amount of requests she receives. Autographed copies of Laurell’s books are available through her online store.

I am passing through where Laurell is at. Can we meet?

Due to Laurell’s busy writing schedule, she is unfortunately not able to meet fans outside of scheduled events.

How can I get Laurell K Hamilton to make an appearance at my school/convention/event?

Contact her agent Merrilee Heifetz.

Who are Laurell’s agents?

Literary agent:
Merrilee Heifetz
Writers House
21 W 26th St.
NY. NY 10010


Film/TV Agent:
Jon Levin
Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA

How do I contact Laurell?

You can find Laurell on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.